SLO-Based Meathead Movers Expands to Fresno

Mar 04, 2015

Article by: Hannah Esqueda

San Luis Obispo-based Meathead Movers opened a Fresno office at the beginning of February, hiring nine local athletes

San Luis Obispo-based Meathead Movers opened a Fresno office at the beginning of February, hiring nine local athletes

A San Luis Obispo-based moving company focused on harnessing the strength of athletes recently expanded to cover the Central Valley by opening an office in northwest Fresno.

Meathead Movers opened its Fresno office at the beginning of February and has already handled several dozen jobs in the region. The company has hired nine athletes from local colleges including Fresno State and Fresno City and relocated seven other employees to help start the Central Valley office.

Aaron Steed, co-founder of Meathead Movers, said the office will handle jobs from Stockton to Bakersfield, and the company is looking to recruit more college students.

“We’ve already met with the wrestling coach at Fresno City College, and we have plans to sit down with the athletic director at Fresno State next time I get back to Fresno,” he said. “We’re interested in figuring out how we can help support the local college athletic programs.”

Steed said the company was initially drawn to the Central Valley because of how important college athletics are to the community. He is confident the region will be a good fit for his business model.

Steed started the company with his brother Evan in 1997 while still in high school, and said the business is designed to help athletes workout, get paid and learn new business skills.

“We consider ourselves to be the ultimate stepping-stone job,” he said. “We definitely don’t see ourselves as employing career movers.”

The company recruits hardworking, clean-cut and drug-free athletes and offers pay incentives to movers who get positive customer feedback or finish a job without breaking any items. Steed said members of the meathead team jog when not carrying items in order to save customers time and money. Employees also receive extensive training and have access to the office on-site gym and student study center.

In addition to the meathead moving service, the company offers Meathead Packing, a high-end packing and un-packing assistance service.

Both divisions are open to male and female athletes, and employees are given management training and encouragement towards reaching their long-term career goals.

Since the company relies on the strength of its athletes, Steed said preventing injuries is a top priority. Employees who have had a tough day or intense workout are encouraged to take advantage of the company’s massage therapy services and will do light work around the office during their shifts.

“The safety of our employees is important, and we make sure to have the appropriate size team for each job,” he said.

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