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Santa Maria Times: Stuff the Pet Food Pantry

August 17, 2013

Santa Maria Times Staff Report

Truck at STUFF the Pet Food Pantry Event

The fourth annual “Stuff the Pet Food Pantry” for the Santa Maria Valley Humane Society will take place from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. today at the Crossroads Shopping Center in front of PetSmart.

The event aims to raise food and supplies for the Humane Society. It’s sponsored by the Stuff the Pet Food Pantry
volunteers, the Santa Maria Valley Leadership Class of 2010 and Meathead Movers.

The goal is to fill the SMVHS Pet Food Pantry with food, leashes, collars, toys and other items for its shelter animals. A secondary goal is to assist the community during these challenging economic times.

Items on the wish list for collection include cat and dog food, rawhide chews, collars, nylon leads, non-clumping cat litter, liquid hand sanitizer, liquid laundry detergent, paper towels, “kiddie” swimming pools, and squeaky toys for dogs.

While any type of pet food is appreciated, the following are brands used to feed shelter pets: dry Purina Kitten Chow, Friskies Classic Pate, Healthwise Dry Adult dog food, Healthwise Active small kibble or Science Diet Adult canned dog food. Other types of food donated will be made available in the organization’s pet food bank and will be given to community members struggling to feed their animals.


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