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Santa Maria Times: Crab Feast Raises $19,000 for Club

February 05, 2008

Santa Maria Times

The Meathead Wrestling Club fed 330 people more than 1,000 pounds of Dungeness crab at its Jan. 2 Olympic Crab Feast, raising more than $19,000 to help support the club.

Keynote speaker and Olympian Sammie Henson spoke about his experience in the Olympic wrestling arena and the positive effects the sport has on youth.

Other speakers included Vaughn Hitchcock, former Cal Poly wrestling coach and 1976 Olympic Team leader; Joe Seay, former Oklahoma
State coach and Olympic Team head coach; John Azevedo, current Cal Poly head coach, 1980 Olympic Team member and national champion; and Chuck Liddell, Ultimate Fighting champion.

The Meathead Wrestling Club is a locally based nonprofit organization, sponsored by Meathead Movers, which advocates wrestling while supporting youth and adult programs on the Central Coast.

Wrestlers involved in the program receive training, education and the opportunity to compete in local, national and international competitions.

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