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What the... is a Meathead?! Watch now.

Santa Maria Sun: Best Moving Company Again!

August 27, 2009

Santa Maria Sun – Best Moving Company
Meathead Movers

Planning a move to Oz? Meathead Movers, based in San Luis Obispo, can help. Meatheads are athletes working their way through college (Munchkins need not apply!). These extensively trained employees undergo background checks. And so that they can receive rewards for treating you and your household treasures with care, Meatheads will work extra hard to ensure safe packing and transport. Just because they’re students doesn’t mean they’re not professional. They have tools, dollies, blankets, pads, and rope—you can even order packing supplies online. This is the seventh year in a row that Meathead Movers has been chosen Best Moving Company in the Santa Maria Valley.


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