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What the... is a Meathead?! Watch now.

Santa Maria Sun: Best Moving Company

November 04, 2003

Santa Maria Sun, Santa Maria
November 4, 2003

They may be Meatheads, but they are definitely not stupid. When brothers Aaron and Evan Steed started their endeavor in 1997 little did they know what a thriving business their moving company would turn into. And six years later, Meathead Movers is still moving everyone and their mom all across the country. With a safety rating six times the national average and well trained athletes at the helm, clients can definitely appreciate all the hard work Meathead Movers does to get the job done. In the beginning, the Steed’s were originally paid for their services with a pizza and 20 dollars, and even though times have changed, their commitment to quality and service hasn’t. That is why Meathead Movers was voted the number one moving company in Santa Maria.

“To have won this award before our Santa Maria office is even open is really great, I couldn’t be happier,” said co-owner Aaron Steed. This office is however, scheduled to open by November 1 and Santa Marian’s will soon have more than just a website and phone number available to hire these award-winning movers.

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