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What the... is a Meathead?! Watch now. Creating Customer Service Experiences

January 13, 2009 – Creating Customer Service Experiences

Creating Customer Service Experiences

Published: January 13, 2009
By Stacey Soble

A Personal Case Study: Meathead Movers

Ever since reading The Experience Economy several years ago, I’ve paid close attention to businesses that have transcended offering goods and services to deliver truly unique experiences. Over the holiday season, I discovered a highly creative, experience-based business in the most unlikely place—a local moving company.

I’ll admit, the Meathead Movers trucks first captured my attention because of their comical name, but when I asked around for recommendations their name popped up again and again. I learned the company was established in 1997 by the Steed Brothers, who searched for a way to make money while attending college and playing sports. Now the company employs Meatheads, or as they define them, “strong, clean-cut, athletes from local colleges.”

When the Move Coordinator came to my house to give me an estimate, I learned several additional facts about the company: Meatheads actually jog when not carrying a load, which keeps them fit and saves customers, who are paying by the hour, money. Meatheads’ claims for damaged goods are eight times lower than the national moving industry average.  Meatheads receive bonuses when they complete damage-free moves and raises when they score high on customer satisfaction surveys.

I also learned about the company’s Quarterback Service, a free concierge service that offers customers recommendations on anything from landscapers to housecleaners to babysitters. When you’re new to town, that’s invaluable. I decided to try it out and asked if they could find someone who could help me put together some dissembled furniture. Within an hour, three handymen called me to introduce themselves.

On the inspirational, I read through the “Game Plan” of helpful moving tips, clicked on “Cheerleaders” to read glowing customer testimonials, and visited the “Trophy Room”, which listed more than 30 awards that have been bestowed on the company. I also was given the opportunity to purchase a Meathead Calendar with proceeds benefitting breast cancer research.

I quickly booked the Meatheads and found them to be everything they promised and more. Not only did the extremely polite athletes safely move my possessions, they stayed and helped me rearrange furniture until I was satisfied—and they still came in under estimate.

Inspired anyone? How could you embrace a creative theme that draws attention to your brand? Could you organize a concierge service that offers your clients ideas on great local restaurants, boutiques and hotspots?  What experience would your clients most enjoy and how can you deliver it? How can you hold staff members accountable for delivering great experiences?

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