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Rarig Construction: A Look Back at the Construction of Meathead Movers and Mini Storage

December 01, 2010

Article by: Derek Senn

I have really enjoyed watching the ascent of the local success story that is Meathead Movers. Aaron and Evan Steed have earned every bit of the success that has come their way. I have helped them over the years as they grew their business from one progressively larger space to the next. When they saw an opportunity in mini-storage they asked for help in finding a suitable site. Enter the old 84 Lumber property at 3600 South Higuera. It hit the market just before the downturn and several people looked at it as a redevelopment site, but most were investors rather than owner-users and the redevelopment projects were too speculative for anyone to move forward. Meathead, however, had a great owner-user idea. Also, our timing in making an offer was good in that the sellers had softened somewhat since the property had been in and out of escrow several times. We finally came to terms on a purchase agreement with 84 lumber corporate in the spring of 2008 and the property closed shortly thereafter.  Less than two years later, Meathead had opened their new corporate offices and a new mini-storage facility.

Aerial view of Meathead Movers under construction.jpgMeathead Movers and Mini Storage Construction 2009

It takes quite a lot of resolve to see any project through in San Luis Obispo. The fact that Aaron and Evan were able to complete this, their first project, with such success is pretty amazing. Talk about a great education.


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