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Popwrapped: Meathead Movers Will Move Abuse Victims For Free

September 13, 2015

Popwrapped: Meathead Movers Will Move Abuse Victims For Free



Meathead Movers is not your typical moving company. What makes them different? Well, just about everything.
Aaron and Evan Steed started Meathead Movers in 1997 when they were high school athletes looking to make a little money on the side. The ‘little money’ consisted of $20 and a pizza back then. Their business started to grow, hiring more athletes to bank on their brawn and work ethics.

It wasn’t much later that they started getting calls from women who desperately wanted to get out of abusive relationships and needed help with moving all their stuff very quickly. The Steeds refused to take payment from these women. After an incident involving an abuser coming home while they were packing the truck, they decided the best course of action would be to partner with a local women’s shelter. Aaron Steed says:

What was good about that is, they could be vetting the requests for help, supporting the women with counseling, and making sure when we went in, the proper restraining orders were in place, or police were on hand if necessary.

Meathead now specializes in abusive moves. It’s important to note that they don’t discriminate against men who are victims of domestic abuse; their services are available for anyone who is suffering.

Their business keeps expanding, and they continue to hire athletes to support their local communities. They also have a sister company — staffed by female athletes — called Meathead Packing, which can help all Meathead customers to pack, regardless of whether they are paying customers or not. Meathead Packing has a fund called The Cinderella Fund:

For every single box packed by our Meatheads, we are proud to donate $1 per box to The Cinderella Fund on your behalf. The Cinderella Fund provides grants to children whose families are suffering hardship. Whether it’s the child of a single mom who escaped domestic violence with the aid [of] our local women’s shelter programs or one with a parent stricken with cancer, we aim to help these children fulfill their dreams by providing resources to nurture their development in athletics, the arts, and education.


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