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New Times SLO: Meet the Meathead Executives

November 30, 2001

Meet the Meathead Executives:
They’re the World’s Friendliest Muscle Men Movers –
But Where Did They Come From?

November 30, 2001

If you’ve lived in San Luis Obispo for long, no doubt you’ve heard of the Meathead Movers. Brawny, clean-cut athletes assisting the city, county, state – and the entire country – with their moving needs in an unprecedented show of customer service are tough to miss. And you’d never guess the co-owners of Meathead Movers are 19 and 21 years old.

Aaron and Evan Steed founded the company four years ago. Like many highschoolers, they wanted extra money. How to get it? They counted up their assets: strong backs, a willingness to help, and a positive attitude – good things to base a business on. And they paved the road toward moving success. Both Aaron and Evan were high school athletes who frequently worked out in the high school gym. That’s where the girl’s volleyball team dubbed them “The Meatheads.” Through a local newspaper, they offered their labor service and so began the Meathead Movers.

At first it was a part-time job. After all, the brothers were still attending San Luis Obispo High School. But soon, local residents became more and more demanding of their moving service. So, after Aaron graduated and attended college, he created a full time business while Evan finished high school and later joined Aaron in this full time business venture.

Business life for the Meatheads wasn’t all peaches and honey. Some of the larger moving van lines were starting to feel the effects of the brothers’ entrepreneurial spirits. One even attempted to use the Public Utilities Commission laws regarding licensing of a moving business to shut down the Meathead operation. This included shutting down their phone lines for eight months. This motivated the brothers to become more constructive about their business.

The Steed brothers went through the difficult Public Utilities Commission process to become the youngest ever licensed moving company. They stepped up their advertising efforts. Because of consistently focusing on refining and improving their service, they continue to break their records for long-distance moves, local moves, and revenue goals. Their staff now includes over 50 employees. The Steed brothers have some very energetic and professional personnel assisting in running their company.

Joe Hart, a Cal Poly wrestler and student, handles office operations. Joe gave up acceptance to medical school because of his faith in the Meathead operation and it’s success. He utilizes his high positive energy to successfully manage the daily office responsibilities. “Joe is the type of person that makes you happy just to be around him,” says Aaron Steed.

Bret Hamlin, Cal Poly finance major, is the Meathead office manager, long distance coordinator, head of business development and an all around great guy. Bret brings a lot of business knowledge to the company. He’s also head personal trainer for SLO Kick Boxing.

Aaron and Evan have tough employment standards, and that shows in their service. When starting the company they asked, “Why should someone choose Meathead Movers over another moving company?” They figured out a way to change society’s often-negative view of the moving industry.
They did it by employing people like Joe and Bret. And they did it by training their movers to not only provide excellent customer care, but by also training them to run – not walk – when they have nothing in their hands, which saves their customers money. And they did it by charging on an hourly basis to save clients money.

The Meatheads pride themselves on their OSHA regulated training programs that each employee must successfully complete. “Our employee’s ability to make our customer’s move as easy as possible is the backbone of our company,” says Aaron. Aaron personally calls each customer after their moving experience.

This system of checks and balances is in place to ensure their customers receive superior moving service. At the end of each move, clients are always given a Meathead house-warming gift. These strong business ethics and upbeat customer service are at the heart of Meathead Movers’ success.

Aaron Steed, now 21 years old, is Meathead’s CEO and co-owner. When he’s not developing the company, you’ll find him wrestling, surfing, and spending time with family and friends.

Evan Steed is 19 years old and is the company’s CFO and co-owner. Because of his responsibilities, for a while he actually lived at the office.

Whenever we make him take a break from work, you’ll find him playing basketball, going to the lake, or just relaxing.

Whether local or nationwide, these brothers and their Meathead team are out to improve the public’s view of the moving industry. And they’re doing it. Customers countywide sing their praises. And after experiencing the Meathead approach to service, so will you.

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