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Meathead Movers is now offering 0-36% payment options for qualifying customers.

What the... is a Meathead?! Watch now.

New Times SLO: Meathead Movers Movin' On Up

April 20, 2000

New Times Strokes And Plugs
April 20-27, 2000

Meathead Movers in San Luis Obispo is celebrating its grand reopening with the addition of 20 new movers and six new trucks to its fleet.

Meathead Movers has been owned by San Luis Obispo resident and SLO High School wrestling coach Aaron Steed for three years, and Steed feels it is time to expand services. The Meathead motto is “Our job is to make your move as easy as possible,” and that is what Steed and company intend to keep on doing.

Meathead Movers is licensed, insured and bonded. To schedule a moving date or for more information, call 544-MEAT.

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