New Times: Best of SLO County 2008

May 08, 2008

New Times
Best of SLO County 2008
22nd Annual Readers Poll

Let me tell you about the 2,000-pound couch I own.  This thing is black leather and made out of antigravity or something, because when you look at it you figure there’s no way it could be as heavy as it is.  I can’t even slide it without hurting myself, so I hired the Meathead guys to do the impossible during a recent move.  It was fun to watch because I warned the two giant jocks Meathead dispatched that it was heavy, but they only looked down at me and laughed.  Then they bent down and tried to lift it and I could see in their eyes they were like, “He wasn’t lying.”  But to them it seemed to be a challenge, and they just got a better grip, grunted it up, and hauled the thing off without another second’s hesitation.  Then they came back and told me I had another couple hours’ worth of time left and they proceeded to move pretty much everything in my house for the same price.  And yes, they actually ran back from the truck to the house.  Plus, I’ve heard they’re now driving veggie-burning trucks, so they aren’t even contributing to the oil problem.

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