New Times SLO: Best Movers

May 02, 2002

New Times
May 2-8, 2002

Best Movers
Meathead Movers
3211 Broad St., San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Ah, Meathead Movers. Doesn’t the name say it all? If you’ve still got that safe the size of a Buick collecting dust in your garage, these are the guys to call. Moving across town or down the coast? Ditto on that. These guys are big, quick, incredibly courteous, and know exactly what they’re doing–they’re like the All-Pro linebackers of the moving game. Better still, this is the kind of company you can trust–these are pro movers you can leave your house unlocked for, head off to work, and return home later in the day confident the job has been done right and nothing’s been damaged.

Meathead Movers is a great local business started by SLO natives Aaron and Evan Steed five years ago as a way to make money while balancing the demands of school and athletics. The brothers were just 15 and 16 then. Word of their excellent customer service and fastidious care on the job spread quickly, and today the company has two offices in SLO and 65 employees, most of them college athletes, along with 18 members of administrative staff. And not only that–the brothers are already far along in the process of laying plans for a national franchise.

“We only hire a certain kind of employee here,” explains Aaron Steed. “All of our guys are positive, energetic, and have a good attitude–it’s crucial they all reflect the image of our company.”
Beyond this, Meathead Movers has a rigorous training program for their movers, and the entire company is evaluated every three months–pretty demanding standards in the moving world. Even more impressively, the movers actually jog when they’re not carrying something–thus shaving significant dough off your total bill, which is computed on an hourly basis. And expect a call–from an owner–two days before your move and the day after, just to make sure everything went OK. A housewarming gift of a potted plant is also standard procedure for these guys, perhaps the most thoughtful moving company in the United States.

“We started small,” says Aaron, “and everyone in the company has worked hard to make it what it is today. There’s a synergy that we’ve grown from.” Indeed, that could be the understatement of the year–since 2001, Meathead Movers has grown 663 percent. Obviously, that level of popularity and customer satisfaction must all be for a damn good reason.

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