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Yahoo! Moving on Up: How a Pager and $100 Turned into a Multi-Million Dollar Company

October 15, 2012

By Michael Luchies, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Oct 15, 2012

Aaron Steed was just a high school junior when he and his younger brother realized a big problem as athletes, work was hard to find with their busy schedules due to their commitments to school and sports. The brothers were helping parents of a friend move when they discovered that moving someone’s belongings was a great workout and they enjoyed doing it. This was the foundation of what is now Meathead Movers, a moving company with over $4 Million in revenue a year.

The business soon became more important than his competitive wrestling career as Aaron turned down a wrestling scholarship to continue to operate and grow Meathead Movers.

So how did Aaron and his brother Evan start the company? Did they need thousands of dollars from parents and a full team of employees and investors? No, they needed a pager, $100, and passion.

On his success with Meathead Movers, Aaron Steed said “We committed to being the best, and soon found there was no limit to where hard work and a positive attitude would lead. Fifteen years later, we are California’s largest independent moving company with over 200 employees, a state of the art storage facility and sister company. Not bad for two high school kids without trucks or even a driver’s license!

Aaron is a national speaker for young entrepreneurs and students who may want to start their own business someday. Aaron is proof that a successful business can come out of a good idea, hard work, and without a large investment and startup capital. Asked what his advice would be to current college students, Aaron replied “Young people should do their best at any job they do.”

Aaron will be speaking at the 2012 Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO) National Conference in Chicago on November 1-3. Over 1,200 students and entrepreneurs will be in attendance for the three day conference. Aaron prides himself in being able to share his experience with the future leaders of American businesses. “Because of entrepreneurship in America and my experiences starting my businesses from nothing, I have found my confidence and personal and financial freedom- I want to help others find that too.”

Registration for the CEO National Conference is open until the end of October. For more information on CEO, visit For more information on Meathead Movers, visit:

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