KFSN: Meathead Movers Hiring in Fresno

Mar 05, 2015

Article by: Christine Park

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) –Moving can be a chore, and finding good movers can be an even bigger challenge. That’s why one California company is tapping into athletes to fill the need. I visited the company’s new Fresno location — where they’re now hiring. And well… they’re looking for a bunch of meatheads.

With a weight room, lockers, and banners urging “be a champion today” this looks more like a gym than an office. But that’s why employees feel so at-home at “Meathead Movers” new Fresno location.

Tyler Mason has been working as a Meathead Mover for about a month: “Since being here there’s not a better company I’ve worked for. I’ve never woken up actually excited to go to work. I recommend it to all my friends I’m dropping business cards everywhere I go and telling everyone they should apply.”

athletes are at the core of the San Luis Obispo-based moving company. Like cheerleader and Fresno State student Tayler Mason, who works as a packer alongside her brother Tyler, a mover. “They work really good with your schedule like they’re really flexible with your schedule so that’s how I’m doing it,” she explained.

The company is actively hiring trying to fill 85 positions in its first year so they’re coming to college campuses like Fresno City and Fresno State to recruit athletes. Sales manager Jay Edwards says it’s a perfect fit: “Physically they’re prime candidates to coming out to move your furniture. They move very quickly they’re very adept, they’re also very safe. Also, a great place to find young men and women of character. Folks that people trust inside of their homes.”

The company fully screens all of its employees’ backgrounds. The pay ranges from $10 to $20 an hour. And the students earn promotions based on a points scale for performance and customer service. More than just being an employer, the company prides itself in training future leaders for the valley. Edwards started out as a mover and worked his way up to manager. He says Fresno made sense for the company because: “It’s a community that values its local athletes, student population and really a family-based community that values how young people are raised here.”

For more information on how to apply at or hire Meathead Movers, click here.

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