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What the... is a Meathead?! Watch now.

LA Weekly: Best Moving Company in Los Angeles

October 04, 2013

Article by “Tanja M. Laden”

LA Weekly LogoUsually, “meathead” is a pejorative term. Not for brothers Aaron and Evan Steed. At their company, Meathead Movers, being a meathead is a good thing. The family-owned business started nearly 20 years ago when the siblings realized they needed to make some cash while going to school and participating in sports. They learned they could move heavy furniture while getting a good workout, and the flexible hours left room for their school and athletic commitments. Nowadays, Meathead Movers performs long-distance moves in California and local moves within Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange counties, with the help of 45 company vehicles and 200 employees. That includes the movers themselves: clean-cut athletes who actually jog when they’re not moving your stuff, just to show they’re saving you time and money. Meathead Movers also furnishes a “moving concierge” to help figure out the logistics of your move, and its Meathead Packers, is a good option to help fill up, box up and store valuables with more care than, well, your average meathead. 331 N. Dawson Drive, Unit A, Camarillo, 93012.


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