KSBY: Meathead Movers to Hire 200 Employees, Raises Minimum Wage

May 01, 2019

KSBY: Meathead Movers to Hire 200 Employees, Raises Minimum Wage


Meathead Movers will add 200 jobs to its team consisting of five branches across California.

The announcement comes as the company prepares to enter its busiest moving season of the year.

“It’s really hard to find enough good help to help a business of our size and we’re going everywhere we possibly can to find the perfect type of meathead,” CEO and founder of Meathead Movers Aaron Steed said.

To find athletes to fill those open positions Steed said they are going to several places throughout the county.

“We’re going to gyms, we’re going into retail shops, seeing if anyone would be interested. We’re going to sports coaches and trying to see if we can work out any kind of deal where we can offer employment to their athletes,” Steed said.

He said with the unemployment rate so low sometimes finding people to hire can be difficult which is why they are stepping up the company and increasing the minimum wage.

Now Meathead Movers will pay its employees $15 an hour.

“Whenever there is someone who is looking for a great job, we want to be the ultimate job for the athlete and that’s why we’re putting up and giving everyone a big raise,” Steed said.

This pay raise is ahead of the spike expected to go into effect across California in three years.

Anyone interested in applying for a job with the company can access the application here.

Source: https://ksby.com/news/local-news/2019/05/01/meathead-movers-to-hire-200-employees-raises-minimum-wage

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