HUFFPOST: Meathead Movers Rallies 42 Businesses To Help Domestic Violence Victims

Sep 28, 2015

‘Meathead Movers’ Rallies 42 Businesses To Help Domestic Violence Victims



One company’s mission is inspiring other businesses around the world to move in the same direction.

Meathead Movers, a California-based moving company that helps families affected by domestic violence move out of dangerous situations, free of charge, has called on other small businesses to help people in need. With a campaign called, #MoveToEndDV, Meathead Movers has already rallied 42 businesses that have vowed to use their services to support victims of domestic violence, as of Monday, with more pledges to help still coming in.

“There are so many great pledges,” Aaron Steed, Meathead Movers co-founder, told The Huffington Post in an email. “Our initial goal is 100 businesses. I personally would like to see thousands!”

The moving company has been around for 18 years but gained viral attention at the beginning of September. After receiving international praise for its work, Meathead Movers was inspired to get other businesses involved, so it created a hashtag for the campaign and set up a pledge page, San Luis Obispo Tribune reported.

“It’s striking a chord and hopefully gets a lot of people thinking about how they can give back,” Steed told the news outlet.

In four simple steps on its website, Meathead Movers ask small businesses how they can help local domestic violence shelters and organizations, and then share their pledge using the #MoveToEndDV. Among the businesses that have joined the campaign are other moving companies, local shelters, a yoga studio and a plumbing company, according to the Meathead Movers Facebook page.

“We [also] have several businesses who are offering their services for free to the actual shelters, so that the shelters’ limited budgets can be maximized to help victims,” Steed told HuffPost. “[These pledges] can make life feel more normal for a moment, even happy, in a time that is often scary and difficult.”

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