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Fox News: These Hunks Mean Business

June 14, 2013

Article by “Shannon Gupta”

No internship? No problem! While the pressure to ride with Wall Street’s big guns can seem overwhelming, it’s time to embrace those other big guns. This summer’s all about turning those biceps into money makers – and resume boosters, too.

Across the nation, moving companies are taking a new spin on the business by employing bright and eager college students. Not only do these companies provide their employees with valuable work experience, but they offer students the opportunity to get involved in their communities, hone their business skills, and much more.

One company, College Hunks Hauling Junk, is getting nation-wide attention for its recycling efforts and community outreach. These hunks don’t just transport your valuables; they’ll recycle whatever you don’t want, too. “We’re not just about moving people’s stuff. We want to move people emotionally.” explained co-founder and CEO Omar Solimon. The goal is to “move the world.” This past April, CHHJ’s Oakland County team worked to do just that, partnering with Art Road Nonprofit for the second year in a row to deliver art supplies to schools in low-income neighborhoods in Detroit.

If you’re looking to rival your suit-and-tie-clad buddies in the entrepreneurial sphere, 2 College Brothers, a student-run moving company based in Florida, puts a particular focus on preparing its employees for the business world. “What they’re doing here is going to affect their college career… and future career,” says Co-Founder and CEO, Bryan Weschler. “We coach them, guide them – show them every part of this business.” While Bryan and his brother Kevin hire specific interns to assist with the company’s administrative projects, they encourage “everyone that comes on board to contribute fresh ideas,” to new people and new leaders. We love when movers ask, ‘can we do something besides moving?’”.

Meathead Movers, a California-based company employing athletes, also feels strongly about producing responsible, communicative leaders. “Working as a Meathead has taught me the importance of teamwork…and watching out for others” remarks Dylan Jones, a mover and student at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. “Social skills are also huge” when it comes to succeeding on the job, adds Tyler Walter, a mover and student at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo County, California. “It’s about showing [the clients] your personality. For any job you apply for…you need to know how to make a good first impression.”

But ladies, don’t feel left out! In addition to working in these companies’ offices, Meathead Movers has created a sister program for women in college to get hands on experience preparing for the moves. Its Meathead Packers sector hires responsible, organized ladies to help its busy customers expedite the packing process. “There’s a growing demand for not only movers, but packers” explains Aaron Steed, founder and CEO of Meathead Movers. But these girls do much more than bubble wrap breakables. In 2011, the company founded the Cinderella Fund to raise money for children from low-income families in the California area. “For every box that we pack, we donate a dollar to charity,” says Brooke Shadinger, a packer and student at Ventura College in Ventura, California.

So whether you’re looking to get a leg (or tricep) up on your future, give back to the community, or just get some fresh air, these moving companies have plenty of unique opportunities to get you going.



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