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Meathead wine storage announces two new services benefiting San Luis Obispo County wineries and wine collectors

author avatar Written by Aaron Steed

Meathead Wine Storage, a premium wine storage facility for personal wine collections, today announces two new services to make storing your wine more convenient than ever before. The local company, located at the gateway to Edna Valley, taps into its resources to offer a new wine package handling service and a complimentary Wine Club Chauffeur program. In the past, Meathead Wine Storage accepted wine packages and temporarily stored them in a community locker for clients to transfer on their own. Now, clients can opt into authorizing the Wine Storage Manager to place their wine packages directly into their lockers. In addition, Meathead Wine Storage is offering a complimentary Wine Club Chauffeur program, where Meathead Movers will pick up wine club shipments from wineries in San Luis Obispo County.

Wine Pickup Service

“These services are essential for local wine collectors and local wineries, as I know it can be hard to find the time to pick up your shipments throughout the year, which leads to wineries being impacted with limited space,” said Aaron Steed, CEO of Meathead Wine Storage. “It has been a goal from day one to bring a high-touch level of hospitality and services to Meathead Wine Storage. We are storing our clients most cherished wines, and I know these new services will enhance the experience for new and current clients.”

Meathead Wine Storage lockers range in size from 12 to 168 case capacity. Clients receive an electronic code to access their wines 24/7 in a temperature and humidity-controlled facility. Meathead Wine Storage is seeking wineries within San Luis Obispo County that would like to participate in the complimentary Wine Club Chauffeur program. Not only will this program free up space at wineries, but it is an added benefit to local wine club members that will increase wine club sign ups and generate wine sales. Local winery owners, wine club and tasting room managers are encouraged to contact Meathead Wine Storage for more information.

“Our employees receive extensive training on how to handle our clients most prized possessions. You can trust Meathead Wine Storage to handle your wine with the utmost care,” continued Steed. “We are committed to the community on so many levels, and we are excited to bring a new level of service to the San Luis Obispo County Wine Industry.”

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