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Aaron Steed speaks at ICFS’s Wine, Whiskey & Chat

author avatar Written by Aaron Steed

Last week, our co-founder Aaron Steed and I attended an event hosted by Interface Children & Family Services (ICFS) in Ventura County. As one of our nine domestic violence shelter partners throughout the state of California, we were thrilled to be included in the Wine, Whiskey & Chat. The purpose of the event was to join together influential men against domestic violence to collaborate on the issue and discuss different ways to continue to shed light on the matter.

Aaron is slated to be honored at ICFS’s annual gala, Love Is Brewing, on May 11, which led the organization to asking him to speak at this important gathering as well. Aaron used this platform to share his story about how Meathead Movers became involved in domestic violence prevention, as well as to introduce our nonprofit, Move To End DV, in hopes of inspiring others in the room to think about how they can be involved too. After Aaron spoke, you could feel the energy in the room rise and it felt like he really made a difference in the mindset of some of the people in attendance. On our way out, we were thrilled to be thanked by so many wonderful people who were also committed to the end of domestic violence.

Because the Meathead Movers team are in such a unique position as majority male athletes taking a stand against a historically “female issue,” it is important for Aaron and other local leaders to continue to be involved in these conversations. The key takeaway from the event is that domestic violence is not just a women’s issue, it’s a family issue and we can all continue to do our part to stop it.

For additional information about Love is Brewing on May 11 or ICFS, visit:

For additional information about Move To End DV and Meathead Movers’ involvement in domestic violence prevention, visit:


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