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Trevor Nevell

Sales Manager

Trevor Nevell is a Sales Manager based in the San Luis Obispo Branch Call Center for Meathead Movers. He is originally from Santa Monica, where he attended Santa Monica High School and played Lacrosse. Trevor moved to San Luis Obispo to study Industrial Technology and Packaging at Cal Poly. He immediately fell in love with SLO because of the people, weather, and small-town feel. The warm welcome to SLO encouraged him to trade the busy LA lifestyle for the country lifestyle. He embraced the change and even got some ducks! Now, he is determined to help keep the community clean and captivating, just as he discovered it years ago.

Trevor was excited to discover Meathead Movers and the opportunity to work for a local company that allows him to live in SLO to stay close to his Fiancé. He brings leadership, critical thinking, high Emotional Intelligence, and great people skills to his role in the Call Center. Trevor has been so happy with his time with the company. He looks forward to excelling and growing within the company.

Trevor has a big heart for animals and ensures they deserve the proper care. He often spends his free time volunteering at the Woods Humane Society. He truly believes in random acts of kindness to create joy and improve the world. In addition to spending time with his Ducks and petting cats at the Woods Humane Society, Trevor is an avid sports fan and loves watching Dodger, Laker, and Dolphin games. Trevor enjoys cooking, visiting Universal Studios, and playing basketball at the park with friends when not at work.