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Michael Bronze

Fresno Territory Sales Manager

Mike Bronze is the Territory Sales Manager for the Fresno County area. His hometown is Clovis, California where he attended Buchanan High School before attending Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo, while later transferring to Fresno State. Mike is a former college wrestler and continues to keep the sport in his life through coaching.

His background work includes his former role as an Operations Manager for a health and wellness company specializing in wellness for First Responders as well as serving as a Mentor for Meathead Movers for 3.5 years. During his time as a Mentor, he gained experience and insight on coordinating moves. Mike appreciates the work culture at Meathead Movers, and specifically values the coaching mentality that pushes him to grow professionally and personally.

He is a leader amongst youth sports, and strives to help kids achieve their highest potential in sports. In addition, Mike has a passion for supporting First Responders and their wellbeing, as well as supporting Meathead Mover’s commitment Move to End DV. When not at work, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife and son as well as working out, coaching wrestling, and golfing.