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Jeremy Simpson

Temecula Valley Operations Manager

Jeremy Simpson is the Operations Manager of the Temecula branch. He grew up in Morgantown, West Virginia, but spent his early adulthood in Washington, where he attended Washington State University. Jeremy moved to California in 2013 to pursue his career as a firefighter. After discovering San Luis Obispo, he fell in love with the area and was introduced to Meathead Movers. Jeremy started with the company as an athlete mover. With his hard work and dedication, he received a promotion to Team Captain within a few months. In 2016, Jeremy was presented with the opportunity to become an Operations Supervisor, followed by the ultimate offer to become the Operations Manager for the Orange County branch. However, he declined the promotion after being accepted into the Allan Hancock College Fire Academy. After graduating from the Fire Academy in 2018, he continued his career with Meathead Movers while working part-time for the Santa Margarita Fire Department as a Paid Call Firefighter.

In 2021, after a challenging year dealing with the pandemic, he was offered another opportunity to grow within the company and open Meathead Movers’ newest location in Temecula as the Operation Manager. He was ready to take on the challenge of opening a new branch using his learned problem-solving and leadership skills. Not only does he find satisfaction in growing his future within the company, but he finds his role as Operations Manager extremely rewarding as he helps his team build their futures. He greatly enjoys building and developing his team members by creating real-life educational experiences. Jeremy leads by example and is extraordinary at sharing his knowledge, experience, and Meathead training. His emotional intelligence offers support in having empathy and compassion for his team members. He regularly engages in open and honest conversations to be transparent but, most importantly, determine where he needs to go next with his coaching.

With over a decade of experience with the company, Jeremy now resides in Temecula with his fiancé, Alyssa. When not at work, you can find Jeremy lifting weights at the gym or enjoying a seasonal snowboarding trip.