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Israel Silva

Regional Director of Operations

Israel “Izzy” Silva is the Regional Director of Operations for the Northern California branches of Meathead Movers: Fresno, San Luis Obispo, and Oxnard. Izzy joined Team Meathead after coaching Division 1 Wrestling for 14 years. He was previously the Chief Operating Officer of the Valley Regional Training Center in Fresno. Izzy was drawn to Meathead Movers because he aligned with its vision of instilling leadership skills in athletes working towards their dream careers. Izzy leads with passion and purpose. He has an extensive background in coaching and motivational speaking. Izzy thoroughly enjoys working with the Operations Managers and their teams. He enjoys connecting with the workforce and coaching individuals to be their best. As Meathead Movers grows, Izzy manages the Operations team like a successful sports franchise and brings forward-thinking ideas. He thrives working with the Chief Operating Officer, looking for ways to make the company more efficient while still upholding the quality of service. Izzy loves working for Meathead Movers because it is a company that significantly impacts people and the community.

When he’s not overseeing the employees, logistics, and operations of the Northern California branches, he coaches and helps his three sons in their athletic and academic careers.