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Erin Norton

Regional Director of Operations

Erin Norton has been a part of Meathead Movers for over a decade. He joined the team as an athlete mover in 2013 while attending Allan Hancock College and has since become an integral part of the company. Due to his hard work and dedication to the team, he was promoted to Operations Manager of the San Luis Obispo Branch, which he managed from 2015-2018.

After gaining considerable experience and leadership skills, he was given the ultimate Meathead opportunity to open the Bakersfield Branch in Kern County, CA. He successfully launched the Bakersfield Branch in 2018 and was promoted again to Regional Director of Operations in 2022. In this role, he helped lead the Southern Region Branches of California towards achieving their targets and creating a leadership culture at all levels within the operations department.

Erin is a Meathead Mover professional and a former college baseball athlete. He now resides in Kern County with his wife Ashlyn and his four daughters, Melanie, Jessi Jo, Aspen, and Rori.