Central Coast Lending: They Are More Than Just a Bunch of Meatheads

Apr 22, 2013

Article by “Madelyn Stringham”

In high school parents try to instill the value of money and a strong work ethic by forcing their juveniles to find a job or be resourceful. The Steed brothers of San Luis Obispo did just that in an unconventional way and struck gold.

Heavily involved in football and wrestling, and without parental financial support in spending money, Aaron and Evan Steed sought out a job. Both began working at the Sunset Drive-In and after receiving their first paycheck, realized that minimum wage would not meet their expectations.  One weekend they were offered a job to help move a family friend. In the process they got a ton of gratification, a work out (which was a huge perk for these high school athletes), a better wage, and even dinner! After a few moves they realized their present entrepreneurial opportunity. As wrestling jocks, the Steed brothers modified their moniker, meatheads, and dubbed themselves the Meathead Movers.

In the original deal the client would rent the moving truck, pick up the two brothers at their parents’ house, the boys would load and unload all day, to then be dropped off at their parents’ house in the evening. Each day typically ended with at least $100. There was no set rate and instead they asked the client to pay what they thought they were worth. With no set charging system, the boys focused on their manners and making this often hassled and dreaded experience, seamless and stress-free for the client. So of course, business grew – as did the competition.

“The moving industry was riddled with unfair business practices, notorious for changing the price of the move the day-of with the client in a vulnerable position, and even more, hiring untrained and often sketchy movers into the clients home, handling your most private and valued possessions.” – Aaron Steed, CEO of Meathead Movers

At this point the Steed brothers felt the obligation to protect their clients.  Plus, with 40-50 of their best friends from the wrestling and football team working for them as Cuesta students, they felt an obligation to their employees. Forced to make a decision, they acquired their license and finally became fully committed. Through slow growth and self-finance over the past 16 years, Meathead Movers had dominated the moving industry because of their seemingly simple and honest business plan, all the while supporting college athletes.

Meathead Movers is the 18th Fastest Growing Transportation Company in the country. This past year Meathead Movers was recognized by the White House as the top 100 Entrepreneurs on the Empact 100 List and was ranked number 3778 in the Inc 5000 List for the fastest growing companies in the nation. Aaron Steed received the US Small Business Administration Entrepreneur Award and has twice been featured as a keynote speaker at the Entrepreneurship Convention in Chicago.

Wine Storage at Meathead Movers
Most recently, this highly successful local company has diversified, entering the wine storage market. As the only wine storage facility in the city of San Luis Obispo, Meathead Movers now provides temperature and humidity controlled lockers for the wine enthusiast. The Meathead Wine Storage Facility is expected to open this April. With nearly 100 lockers available, 15 of which have already been reserved though construction is still underway, the smallest unit fits 24 cases and the largest unit fits as many as 300 cases. All units are protected behind a pass-code restricted door and each locker is individually locked as well.

What started in 1997 with two high school athletes seeking spending money grew to become a nationally recognized company with 2 storage and moving service locations servicing the entire state of California, providing over 200 jobs, and had a 2011 revenue estimate of $4 million.

“Our founding principle is to support athletes working their way through college in pursuit of their own American dream, and that will never change. We work hard, have fun, and serve our community by providing premium moving services…”

SOURCE: http://www.centralcoastlending.com/2013/03/meathead-movers/


For more information regarding Meathead Movers new personal wine storage units click HERE.


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