Henry Song

Henry Song

Meathead Mover


  • Height5' 10"
  • Weight220 Lbs.
  • HometownSeoul, South Korea
  • Points 3,874 (#208)
  • Last Move12/04/2018
  • Member Since10/08/2018


I was born in South Korea but raised in Bakersfield, CA. I played Football and Wrestling in High School, as well as violin, but moved onto UCSD to continue my education in chemical Engineering and pursue my hobby of Rugby. I hope to save up enough money so that I can focus in school so that I can reach my goal of becoming a doctor of medicine in the neurology field to help ease other’s pain.

PERSONAL GOAL STATEMENT: I came to Meathead Movers because the company has a LOT of potential and I can see myself being an important figure to help with the growth. I hope to one day become a doctor of medicine in the field of neurology. Meathead Movers will help teach me great Customer service skills and communication skills that will help me in the future of becoming a doctor.

Schools Attended

University of California San Diego

Sports Played

  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Wrestling