Anthony Aldape

Anthony Aldape

Meathead Mover


  • Height6' 2"
  • Weight235 Lbs.
  • HometownClovis, CA
  • Points 4,748 (#241)
  • Last Move09/01/2019
  • Member Since02/16/2019


My name is Anthony Aldape and I am a Meathead mover. I fit the description of a Meathead perfectly, being that I am a current student athlete. I currently attend Clovis high school and graduate in June of 2019. During my four years as a high school student athlete I have been involved with football, track and field, and wrestling. In every sport I was appointed to the position of a team leader by both players and coaches. Because of this leadership role I have experience in making decisions when they need to be made in stressful situations. During my career as an athlete in high school I have earned awards such as MVP, all league, and “heart of a cougar award”. The heart of a cougar award is given to a specific player who displays a strong willed character who does not give up and always chooses to fight and keep moving. I hope that this description of a strong willed and hardworking person will be well known to both my co-workers and clients by providing this attitude every single day.

Schools Attended

Fresno City College

Sports Played

  • Football
  • Skydiving
  • Track
  • Weightlifting
  • Wrestling