Makenzie Rempe

Makenzie Rempe

Accounting Assistant


I was born and raised on the Central Coast in Atascadero and Cayucos. I moved to the south with my mom during high school, however I had to move back to SLO to graduate on time! My home will always be in Alabama where my mom and step dad live, as they are a huge part of my life. The rest of my family lives on the central coast so I am definitely not alone here. I also have two cats named Hollister and Diesel as well as a Great Pyrenees named Leo who all live with my boyfriend Luke and I. My life now revolves around keeping my jeep Medusa on the road, Finding ways to repay Luke for the 100+ hours of labor on my Jeep, Graduating Cuesta College with my AA in business admin., and hopefully being forgiven by my parents for buying a motorcycle! My favorite thing to do is going on adventures: snowboarding, camping, getting lost on a dirt road somewhere. Shooting at the range is my favorite stress reliever. Meathead is the perfect environment for me, I love the atmosphere and how beneficial the work is that we do. I love having the ability to grow with our company!

Schools Attended

San Luis Obispo High School

Sports Played

  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Snowboarding
  • Tennis
  • Yoga
  • Motorcycle Racing