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Stefan R.

Local Residential Move from Wildomar to Fullerton

December 31, 2018

You are con-artist, straight and simple. You advertise as a professional moving company, but failed miserably. I could have picked up five random people off the street and had better luck. You showed up in a little Tonka truck that was already half-filled with moving equipment, and then leave behind half my stuff while breaking the rest. Then you have the audacity to steal from me. It's pure fraud.

Debra Solley

Local Residential Move from Wildomar to Lake Elsinore

December 11, 2017

After the guys left I realized that they had not delivered my trash can, found that they had cracked the basin for the washing machine without saying anything, just put some heavy items in the garage that I needed upstairs, and stacked boxes on containers that read “very fragile do not stack anything on top.” The guys were friendly, but I would probably not use them again.

Steve Ibrahim

Local Residential Move from Rialto to Wildomar

December 11, 2017

The workers were outstanding.. your mentors lead very well.. I really appreciate your help

Tina V.

No Transport Residential Move in Wildomar

March 16, 2017

I used MM in the past and had a great experience. This time it was not. I voiced clear directions and concerns many times regarding the packing. The movers were careless with a few pieces of furniture, such as laying a white fabric headboard ON the paring lot blacktop without any wrapping or regard. It is now staineed snd will not come out (the parking lot was just repaved 3 days prior). A leather bench was shoved in between boxes with no protective wrap. I bought mattress bags, and when I saw they were in the pod container with no wrap, they said it did not fit. They did not tell me itherwise, we're just going to leave them off, and instead sold me yours for $16, which us ridiculous. I asked about all of the clearly visible empty spaces that could hold boxes, but was told they needed to leave room. This is not true. As a result, at least 15 boxes and a few pieces if furniture would not fit. The following day, my dad inspected the PODS snd removed more than half of what the guys packed. To be very blunt, they did a crap job. I am not gappy, and frankly had I known would not have topped these workers. I want to negotiate a partial refund due to the negligence and really uncaring attitude. They were 45 minutes late, did not tell me they would be taking a lunch break until 15 minutes prior, and did not advise when my 3 hours of hire was up, so I was surprised when they went overy an extra 45 minutes. Normally I would not complain, but there are so many points that were off, and with the mandatory repacking yesterday I cannot stay silent. I will not recommend MM to friends or family, and will not use your company again. For nearly $800 in labor, and having to repack appropriately and effetuvely, it was a horrible expensive mistake. Please have a supervisor contact me.

Junior A.

Local Residential Move from Lake Elsinore to Wildomar

July 2, 2016

Everyone was very professional and courteous. They did a great job and I was very pleased with the service.

Tony C.

No Transport Residential Move from Wildomar to Lake Elsinore

May 8, 2016

Stephen F.

Local Residential Move from Aliso Viejo to Wildomar

February 22, 2016

Well organized and pleasant experience from beginning to end.

Jack B.

Local Residential Move from Wildomar to Torrance

September 28, 2015

Staff are extremely professional, friendly and competent!!!

Lisa B.

Local Residential Move in Wildomar

July 15, 2015

Very professional

Don S.

Local Residential Move from Wildomar to Victorville

September 15, 2014

Very professional and friendly! They were hard working and very thorough when they were packing.

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