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Honest Moving Company reviews on Upland Meathead Movers

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Taylor Hill

Local Residential Move from Upland to Carlsbad

October 11, 2017

Taylor Hill

No Transport Residential Move from Upland to Carlsbad

October 9, 2017

As I noted on my comment card, my overall experience was very poor. I was tremendously pleased throughout the process; however, the estimator completely under estimated my move. The movers were only able to move 80-85% of my belonging leaving me to figure out the rest. I now have to rent another truck to move the rest by myself, costing me an additional $350 (roughly). I wish Tyler would have been more accurate. I told him I needed a 26ft truck, but he insisted a 20ft truck would be “plenty!” I was very pleased with all associates I spoke with over the phone, Alec, and Nick. I’m moving my belongings out of storage and into my new place in Feb. I was planning on using Meathead again, but am now having second thoughts.

Brad Visser

Local Residential Move in Upland

October 1, 2017

Everyone was great, from the packers last week to our crew that moved us today. Very efficient and quick. Price came on way lower than original quote, so that was an added bonus!

Donaldson Lynn

Local Residential Move from Pomona to Upland

September 18, 2017

George and Corey were fabulous, I have already recommended them to other families that are moving. They were polite, worked hard and were very helpful. Lynn D.

Ricci C.

Local Residential Move from Upland to Lake Arrowhead

August 5, 2017

Our move was so underestimated! Because of this, we had a great deal that was left behind. We were told it was going to be our responsibility. Then after your company angered us, your company sent another truck the next day with 3 young men. Still, items were left at our old house. Today, my husband is going back again to pick up the rest of our items with a truck rental. My husband is disabled so you can imagine the toll this has taken. We should have had 4 trucks. We only had 2 originally. Our master bed was never assembled because pieces to the frame were left behind, twice!! New buyer to our home was pushed back by 3 days because of your company. This was the worst moving experience. We have a tri-level home and we were left with boxes on the top floor that we will some how have to move. Movers were very nice, polite. But your office sucks!

Kathleen R.

Local Residential Move from Upland to San Bernadino

July 16, 2017

The students were very courteous and had sweet personalities, which makes a bad review very difficult to write. We liked being around all of them, they were great kids and worked hard! Unfortunately we were left with so much left to do ourselves that we're left feeling emotionally and physically drained even after hiring packers & professional movers. There was mis-communication between the corporate office and moving staff, so the inventory was incorrect leaving us responsible for moving large items ourselves the day after (having to rent an additional Uhaul truck so we could schlep it ourselves on short notice, how we will get it all done will be short of a miracle). The Meathead truck was not large enough to carry what was left forcing us to leave it behind. They damaged our brand new walls, carrying large items up the stairs. I know it was a tough job on a very hot day, but it's a new home so we were cringing at the sight! There is black dirt left all over the staircase white walls. The bathroom door frame was also dented in from something hitting it. I was also disappointed to find one of the packers packed a dirty pan cacked with scrambled eggs that I had left on the stove. I would of been happier if she left that in the sink as it was an unpleasant surprise this morning! This is the second time I've hired Meathead, we were much happier the first time, there was no trouble. Next time though we'll most likely go elsewhere.

Bill S.

Local Residential Move from Upland to Rancho Cucamonga

April 9, 2017

Every thing

Sharon M.

Local Residential Move from Camarillo to Upland

September 28, 2016

All the students, including the Princess Packers, were organized, friendly, courteous and accommodating.

Jennifer H.

Local Residential Move from Upland to Anaheim

September 15, 2016

They are always very professional and respectful and take good care of our belongings. I like that it gives me a way to support college kids.

Barry S.

Interstate Residential Move from Upland to Las Vegas

August 5, 2016

The guys brought class back into the moving business! Great communication through out the entire move!

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