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Lindsey M.

Local Residential Move from Stockton to Milpitas

October 21, 2021

The way it was set up was completely different from the way it was completed. I know some of that is the nature of a move with some extra complications, but it would have been nice to have a better view of the move process beforehand. For example, for the packing day 3 packers came but having more packers to help get the whole house done would have been beneficial. They spent most of the day packing up items and not packing the furniture up, leaving more to do the next day. Then for the move day, the inventory sheet did not match the items in the house because the sheet only listed items in the truck and not for packing into storage which caused a lot of problems for the movers, and resulted in needing to hire movers for an additional day (the most frustrating part is that I called to inquire about this discrepancy before signing the contract and was assured that the inventory was only for the truck and not a list of what the movers are supposed to touch). To be clear, everyone I spoke to throughout the process was kind, polite, and apologetic about the whole situation. Each day the leads were great. But it’s clear that the move coordinators don’t know how the moves actually work on the ground and it resulted in a lot of headaches and confusion. I was recommended Meathead Movers by someone who did not have this experience, and I think the move would have been smoother if I lived in a smaller home and if it was a straight forward, simple move. I would recommend the service for anyone in a small apartment moving directly to another small apartment.

Shawn M.

No Transport Residential Move in Stockton

August 23, 2021

Workers were polite and professional. Did everyrbing we asked of them. Kept area clean and worked hard entire time

George B.

Long Distance Residential Move from Stockton to Coarsegold

August 17, 2021

I actually wanted to call you and tell you that everyone of the young men were wonderful. Hard working and very respectful. I hope I do not move anytime soon, but if I do you have my business.

Vaitafa H.

Long Distance Residential Move from Lindsey to Stockton

July 17, 2021

They did an excellent job!

Shannon D.

Local Residential Move from Stockton to Chowchilla

June 12, 2021

Great service, strong, smart, friendly, movers. Prices are a little expensive.

April B.

Local Residential Move from Stockton to Acampo

May 26, 2021

Ask more questions when doing quote regarding belongings, most people don’t think about what or how much stuff they actually have, older folks are more forgetful along with stressed out folks, I would suggest a physical walkthrough. Moving liquid items are about a regular truck load which is no big deal but I had a 10’ u-haul full after the movers moved a full truck load. My husband is mid sixties and I’m late fifties with physical disabilities we would have paid more to get everything moved since that was the whole point in hiring younger people.

Michelle B.

Local Residential Move from Stockton to Sacramento

May 17, 2021

On time, highly efficient. Armando and Aaron (?) were great, they had excellent customer service. Armando was highly organized and I felt safe and confident that they would move my things with care. They both were great problem solvers and moved my items quickly and safely to another city and on the second floor on a pretty hot and busy day. There was good communication from the beginning with Paige and throughout the moving process with Armando. As always, everyone I worked with were pleasant and kind. This is the second time I have utilized Meathead's services (I had Daniel and Devaniel the first time, who were also great) and I will continue to use Meathead for my moving needs. I will definitely refer Meathead Movers to others.

Michelle B.

Local Residential Move in Stockton

May 11, 2021

Meathead Movers were amazing. They were pleasant and kind, excellent customer service skills. The person who set up my appointment was highly receptive and took care of me right away. The quality of their work was great, they took their time and cared well for my items as they wrapped and moved them from truck to location, yet they were also highly efficient. I did not feel uncomfortable at all with the movers and I felt very safe. It was a great deal for what I paid for. I highly recommend Meathead Movers to anyone who is looking for clean, quality service with smile.

Prashika M.

Local Residential Move from Stockton to Modesto

May 7, 2021

Katrina D.

Local Residential Move from Stockton to Castro Valley

May 2, 2021

Super efficient!

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