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Michael A.

Local Residential Move from South Pasadena to Pasadena

May 3, 2018

Careless handling. A box was lost, other boxes hurriedly taped before labeling and the guys did not ask me before taking unfinished boxes, which delays unpacking. A chair was broken, a lamp left disassembled, a file cabinet dropped and dented, etc. Moreover, bedding was left behind on dusty floors which meant a) I had to go back to retrieve the bedding in order to sleep that night and b) now have to wash the bedding which was previously clean.

Gavin Wasserman

No Transport Residential Move in South Pasadena

September 28, 2017

Carlos and Jaime were awesome. Smart, polite, and diligent (not to mention strong).

Jodi K.

Local Residential Move in South Pasadena

August 4, 2017

Efficient, polite, hard working fair prices and accomodating.

Cleve M.

Local Commercial Move from Camarillo to South Pasadena

July 25, 2017

John V.

Local Residential Move in South Pasadena

July 21, 2017

Outstanding professional young men who worked hard and had a great attitude and offered very friendly service.

Heather P.

No Transport Residential Move from South Pasadena to Westchester

October 13, 2016

Meathead is straight forward about cost, my movers were super efficient and really pleasant. They update you every step of the way. Meathead movers is a class act buisness. I would suggest them to anyone.

Larry G.

Local Residential Move from Laguna Woods to South Pasadena

December 18, 2014

everything. friendly, efficient, easy to work with, and a quality job. couldn't be happier.

Jennifer C.

Local Residential Move from Pasadena to South Pasadena

September 8, 2013

Anne R.

No Transport Residential Move in South Pasadena

February 20, 2013

Your Princess and Movers were professional, very hard working, friendly and made a difficult move easier for me. WELL DONE. Two great teams!!

Philip P.

Local Residential Move from san gabriel to South Pasadena

November 19, 2011

They took great care of our belongings and furniture. Extremely polite and attending. They made an otherwise stressful event as smooth as possible.

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