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Gabriel A.

Local Residential Move in Simi Valley

August 29, 2016

Fast, careful, safe, friendly, and you actually jog when not holding our stuff. The work done was almost inhuman to do but your two movers did it perfectly.

Diane R.

Long Distance Residential Move from Simi Valley to King City

August 29, 2016

Meathead Movers is the best moving service I've ever used! Not only were they friendly and helpful but they made the move as stress-free as moving can possibly be. Thank you so very much!

Daniel G.

Local Residential Move from Moorpark to Simi Valley

August 26, 2016

The four guys came to move me work as a very efficient team. They communicated well with each other. Each seemed to understand what his cohort was doing or saying, so they all appeared to be working from the same page. I did not notice any bickering or disagreements. This made things go very smoothly. Also, each of them was very friendly and professional. I appreciate this on a day when there is plenty to stress about.

Melissa G.

Local Residential Move from Reseda to Simi Valley

August 22, 2016

Timeliness, communication. My belongings were loaded and unloaded with care.

David B.

Local Residential Move from Newbury Park to Simi Valley

August 20, 2016

In too many ways to detail here. My wife and I wanted to support a business of local origin and one that employs college students trying to pay their way. Delays in the loading and delivery process, damages to our property, and apparent misrepresentation by the crew chief are a few of the issues we have. Putting through a charge that we did not authorize is a matter we will take up with appropriate parties. The company's refusal to compensate us for the loss of all of our frozen and refrigerated foods is beyond understanding. We were assured by the crew chief that we would be contacted by the company before the charge was put through- no one reached out to us. A shoddy and deceptive way to run a business and we will share these matters with our many friends via social media, and if no effort is made to resolve them, with our attorney. A profoundly disaapointing and poor way to run a business that holds itself out to be so upright.

Danielle F.

Local Residential Move in Simi Valley

August 11, 2016

They guys were awesome!!! They worked efficiency and did a great job! They made our move as stress free as possible! Thanks!

Sharon L.

Local Residential Move in Simi Valley

August 6, 2016

very professional and the price is reasonable.

Mo A.

No Transport Residential Move in Simi Valley

July 25, 2016

Quick, efficient & professional service.

Melissa W.

Local Residential Move in Simi Valley

July 25, 2016

The guys that showed up were so friendly, so eager and always had a smile. Honestly best moving experience ever. And that is saying a lot, because moving sucks.

Mo A.

Local Residential Move from Chatsworth to Simi Valley

July 23, 2016

I was impressed right away by my representative Adam Kime. His professional & friendly demeanor was outstanding and I signed up for services right away without obtaining a second estimate. The work was h

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