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Gay H.

No Transport Residential Move in Simi Valley

November 27, 2019

Everyone I interacted with at Meathead Movers was so friendly and helpful. The two movers who helped us were awesome. They were hard working and really hustled, They got more accomplished than I thought possible in the three hours we hired them for. They were knowledgable and very capable in managing large pieces of furniture and packing them in our storage container. They were also very careful with not only our furniture, but also the walls and floors of our home.

Tyler E.

Local Residential Move from Smii Valley to Simi Valley

November 24, 2019

Kathryn S.

No Transport Residential Move in Simi Valley

November 15, 2019

The guys were early and got paperwork done quickly. They offered a 15 minute free extra. They carried carefully and expertly, taking apart and reassembling furniture. They never bumped or scratched anything. They ran to get tje next piece. They were courteous and attentive at every step. We were thrilled!

Naji A.

Local Residential Move from Simi Valley to Marina Del Rey

October 28, 2019

Pedro F.

No Transport Residential Move in Simi Valley

October 28, 2019

Last minute staff changes and numbers of workers threw the move off and added several hours to the process.

Jeff O.

No Transport Residential Move in Simi Valley

October 14, 2019

The three men you sent were great. They were very careful and thought things through before moving my heavy item.

Bill H.

Local Residential Move in Simi Valley

August 31, 2019

The crew that moved me was very professional and at the same time very personable. They were efficient and knew what they were doing. They were very accommodating and explained every detail of what they did. I would use Meathead Movers again and I would highly recommend them. My crew was Carlos O., Alex T. and their awesome Crew Leader, Brett H. Great team and again, super efficient!! Thanks again guys!!!

Suzanne B.

Local Residential Move from Chatsworth to Simi Valley

August 21, 2019

Such great customer service and wonderful, positive attitudes from the employees. Makes moving day a positive experience!

Steve N.

Interstate Residential Move from Simi Valley to Dewey

August 2, 2019

The crew was great. Attentive to our needs and they all worked hard. I liked the way they wrapped almost everything in shipping blankets. They really attempted to take care and concern with our household goods and furniture. There was a little delay in arrival to our old home , understandable due to traffic. Both Crew Leader Mike and his Technician Jose were outstanding. They withstood long hours, miserable heat, and my bad jokes. I was impressed with every ones positive attitudes from the moving crew all the way to your customer service representatives when talking to them on the phone. Thanks for making an stressful move more tolerable. Steve & Marianne At the Jiggly Wiggly Dewey, Arizona

Sarah W.

Local Residential Move in Simi Valley

July 21, 2019

You guys were amazing and very organized ! ??

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