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Cynthia S.

No Transport Residential Move in San Luis Obispo

September 19, 2010

On time, efficient, pleasant and polite employees in every position, and clean-cut movers.

Paul M.

Local Residential Move from Pismo Beach to San Luis Obispo

September 18, 2010

professional and efficient service

David F.

Local Commercial Move in San Luis Obispo

September 17, 2010

Kate W.

Long Distance Residential Move from San Francisco to San Luis Obispo

September 16, 2010

Overall I thought that the staff did a tremendous job. The move was handled professionally, with care, clarity and efficiency. Two aspects that could be improved include: - there was quite some confusion on the part of the staff at the beginning of the move. I received several calls from different folks prior to my move date often with different information. I understand that Meathead requested a change of dates but I was a bit confused by the lack of consistency between Meathead coordinators of dates, cost of move, etc. - the unpacking job was efficient, conveniently scheduled etc. The staff were pleasant, professional and enjoyable to work with. The actual packing into the storage unit was not done with as much organization and care as I would have expected. I've since been back to retrieve a couple of items and my vacuum cleaner was on top of my BBQ in the front of the unit. I'm not planning to use my BBQ at all until I leave storage and certainly not my vacuum. I'm sure it's challenging to get everything into a unit but I felt it could have been a bit better organized/planned. Also there are boxes stacked on top of others that are crushing the ones below - to the point that the box is ripping. I haven't had a chance to repack that box but it makes me concerned about the contents inside. Again, overall a great experience and I would recommend MM. Perhaps just an opportunity to work on the business aspect (i.e. back and front office) and unpacking in a way that is intuitive and customer centric/minded. Thanks so much! I'll use you guys again.

Linda D.

Local Residential Move in San Luis Obispo

September 16, 2010

Clean trucks. Clean well organized..polite..strong..hardworking student/or movers!! They worked to give me the best possible low amt. of time/better for my costs. Very polite and helpful employees at front desk. Very helpful/ernest manager. I took advantage of the incentitive to move in mini storage with discount on movers. I am paying more than at Derrels..but that place is getting dirty inside the storages. I like the more professional look of Meathead units,grounds,office. I feel my furniture/items will be safe there and less environmental problems inside the unit.

Jennifer K.

Local Residential Move in San Luis Obispo

September 14, 2010

I appreciate the hussle but sometimes that resulted in items being dropped or crashing into other items. Other then that I am very satisfied.

Lorin C.

Local Residential Move from Cambria to San Luis Obispo

September 14, 2010

on time, fast, friendly, courteous

Jennifer M.

Local Commercial Move in San Luis Obispo

September 13, 2010

Charlie G.

No Transport Commercial Move in San Luis Obispo

September 13, 2010

It was my mis-understanding from Issac that there would be four movers for the on sight move of office furniture and boxes at Zion. But, the est. came way way short for two men to complete the task. As it was, Eddy and Vinney did very well consdidering the distance they had to move stuff. After five and a half hours, the mover yet had got to the garage. There were pieces and drawers left in office. To top off problem, payment issue was I had to have the church credit card prestent and I do not remember after giving card info to Issac that I had to have card on moving day. This caused a delay for the guys who just busted their butts. The est was way short of needed time and four movers with some sort of vehicle would have made the move go much smoother. As it is, I have to organize a work party next Saturday to finish job. The guys that came to the job-did pretty good. Charlie Gibbs Zion Lutheran Church

Laura B.

Local Residential Move in San Luis Obispo

September 10, 2010

The movers were extremely professional, efficient and diligent. The logistics prior to the move were not as anticipated. The person who provided the estimate was friendly and professional. However, upon visiting the customer service area of the company to fill out paperwork the day before my move, it came to my attention not all the paperwork was provided to me previously by the estimator (a silver packet of information). Until the time I committed and paid (approximately 5 days), there were numerous phone calls, sometimes multiple a day, even after I stated I would contact him back when asked for a convenient time to call. While I realize the intent was to be efficient and attentive, it came across as a hard, commission based sale and over bearing. Upon moving day, I guess there was a mis-communication between the office staff because nobody showed up and I had to call-- even though I confirmed with the office the previous day when signing the necessary paperwork. The girl I talked with on the phone inferred I misinterpreted even though I confirmed in person with two representatives the night previously. I understand accidents happen, however, I was frustrated when I felt the blame was being placed on me and the representatives were not assuming accountability. My purpose of hiring movers was to make it as stress-free as possible, and this was not the experience I had until the movers came. Again, I understand there are communication barriers and things are not as seamless as sometimes planned. When the movers arrived they were wonderful and extremely helpful; they made that component of the move worry-free and effortless. When I went back into the office, the staff was wonderful and extremely helpful. The general manager, Angelia, whom I had talked with the day before, was spectacular and extremely apologetic even though the problem had already been resolved. The evaluator also called to apologize. What made the experience was the movers and the office staff; they were wonderful. Everything compiled, it was a positive experience and everyone was friendly and professional. However, I think there are some organizational issues that could be improved upon.

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