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Alexa M.

No Transport Residential Move in San Luis Obispo

July 3, 2012

Everything! The movers were very professional and efficient. All of our belongings were neatly packed and nothing was damaged. Thank you!!

Chris D.

Local Residential Move from Los Osos to San Luis Obispo

July 1, 2012

Can do aditude.

Julie A.

No Transport Residential Move in San Luis Obispo

June 30, 2012

Professional in all areas that I dealt with them -from making the reservation to loading the truck. Very happy - 2nd time that we used the company.

Bob M.

Local Residential Move from San Luis Obispo to Arroyo Grande

June 28, 2012

Don't damage my furniture. An expensive, hand made Dining Room table was noticeably damaged on the table surface, along with two lamps which were broken due to improper padding and storage. I'm not happy and I expect to hear from someone in your Claims Dept. by June 28, 2012. Please do not contact me via E-mail. My H/P is 805 473-2169. I want the damage to the table to be repaired without delay.

Mike P.

Long Distance Residential Move from Las Vegas to San Luis Obispo

June 23, 2012

Your movers do a great job! They are courteous, professional, extremely personable and they hustle to get the job done. Thank you for providing such a great moving service.

Jan C.

Long Distance Residential Move from Glendora to San Luis Obispo

June 23, 2012

I asked my wife to make sure the mattresses would be bagged for shipping and storage. I thought they would. They were not. I was not able to be at the warehouse were they were stored. The men put the white mattress's on the dirty floor on edge and did not put any paper or blankets under them. Both paper and blankets were at the ware house if they had just asked or looked around. I have not had a chance to check everything but I did find one glass shelf broken. Over the weekend I will ck all that they delivered to see how it made the trip. Over all they did a good job and they worked like slaves. They were very nice and they sure as HELL were strong. I have had other movers do work for me in the past and this is the second time I have used "Meathead" Movers. M.M. is higher then some others but they get the job done and it is a pleasure having watching the way they work. I recomend that they take a role of butcher paper to put on a dirty warehouse floor when ever they ar putting mattresses on as not to dirty the sides. Mel Cottrell

Katharine S.

Local Residential Move from San Luis Obispo to San Luis Obsipo

June 22, 2012

EVERYTHING! The Meatheads were on-time and on-task. Even better, they were good natured about all the moving day chaos, joked and made us feel comfortable about all the confusion. When we had last minute requests, they adjusted without hesitation. We couldn't be more pleased. This is the second time we've had the Meatheads move us...and hopefully the LAST time we'll ever have to move anywhere! But we'll enthusiatically recommend you to our friends and colleagues. Kudos to all of you...from office staff right to the top!

Nancy B.

Local Residential Move in San Luis Obispo

June 21, 2012

From the minute I called, I felt like a valued customer. The boys were on time, courteous, careful with our treasures, and efficient in the way they loaded the truck. You delivered what you promised and more, and your realistic bid came in right where we thought it would. Those boys are all hard workers!

Kerwin S.

Local Residential Move from la mesa to San Luis Obispo

June 19, 2012

I feel like we're a bit of a special case, because the CEO himself personally volunteered to coordinate our move, in part because it was such a long distance. As such, my expectations were sky high -- and Meathead did not disappoint. Now, don't go expecting the CEO to do the same for you necessarily. But the fact that he did so for us showed us who this company is and the values of their corporate culture. Meathead thinks of themselves as the "Nordstrom of moving companies," which is a very apt analogy. Yes, they cost more than other moving companies. But in life, you usually get what you pay for, and moving is usually such a stressful experience that investing more in your moving company is most likely worth it. It was for us and we would gladly refer them to friends and family.

Roxanne C.

Local Commercial Move from San Luis Obispo to Santa Maria

June 18, 2012


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