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Linda K.

Long Distance Residential Move from Santa Barbara to San Francisco

November 4, 2014

EVERYTHING (I am not kidding) All seems to be good with your company. Too bad I/we don't move often or you would be even busier!!

Elizabeth B.

Long Distance Residential Move from San Luis Obispo to San Francisco

September 11, 2013

Everything went smoothly!

Lynn R.

Long Distance Residential Move from Moorpark to San Francisco

August 29, 2013

Excellent, professional service! Very pleased each time I have used Meathead Movers!

John N.

Long Distance Residential Move from Pismo Beach to San Francisco

February 27, 2013

great atgtitude and very professional

Sharlee H.

Long Distance Residential Move from Somis to San Francisco

August 9, 2011

The movers I had were on time, friendly, and worked efficiently, making the moving process hassel free.

Kate W.

Long Distance Residential Move from San Francisco to San Luis Obispo

September 16, 2010

Overall I thought that the staff did a tremendous job. The move was handled professionally, with care, clarity and efficiency. Two aspects that could be improved include: - there was quite some confusion on the part of the staff at the beginning of the move. I received several calls from different folks prior to my move date often with different information. I understand that Meathead requested a change of dates but I was a bit confused by the lack of consistency between Meathead coordinators of dates, cost of move, etc. - the unpacking job was efficient, conveniently scheduled etc. The staff were pleasant, professional and enjoyable to work with. The actual packing into the storage unit was not done with as much organization and care as I would have expected. I've since been back to retrieve a couple of items and my vacuum cleaner was on top of my BBQ in the front of the unit. I'm not planning to use my BBQ at all until I leave storage and certainly not my vacuum. I'm sure it's challenging to get everything into a unit but I felt it could have been a bit better organized/planned. Also there are boxes stacked on top of others that are crushing the ones below - to the point that the box is ripping. I haven't had a chance to repack that box but it makes me concerned about the contents inside. Again, overall a great experience and I would recommend MM. Perhaps just an opportunity to work on the business aspect (i.e. back and front office) and unpacking in a way that is intuitive and customer centric/minded. Thanks so much! I'll use you guys again.

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