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Lauren Arnsdorff

Long Distance Residential Move from Santa Clarita to San Francisco

February 26, 2018

Carolyn Finney

Long Distance Residential Move from Goleta to San Francisco

November 27, 2017

Paul Edwards

Long Distance Residential Move from Fresno to San Francisco

November 8, 2017

My initial experience with Jennifer during the quoting process was great and accommodating. When the movers came, the person in charge, Nate, did not want to add anything that wasn't on the agreed upon list with the explanation that it was in some way illegal, it would make them overweight, and would not be reflected on some original shipping list in case he should be pulled over by the police putting him in legal jeopardy? This explanation rung hollow to me, maybe I do not know the transportation laws, but it seemed to me to be a strangely legalistic answer to my request. I was willing to pay extra, but this didn't seem to be an option, and I got the distinct impression that Nate could not be bothered by any more inquiries. The items in question were a couple of shoe racks, 3 plastic bins that fit under a bed for blankets and such, and a few other small items. When the furniture was delivered, someone instructed my roommate to stay down by the truck to watch it so that no one stole anything. He willingly did this, to his credit, but this was not his job at all, and I would have preferred he stayed in the apartment and directed the movers because the furniture, which was a lot for the size of the space, was put in every which way. I paid $3300 and a $300 tip to the movers (in advance) and I am still trying to de-Tetris my apartment. Other than these issues, the movers Sal, Nate, and the other man, did do a quick and clean moving job. I give you this honest feedback, Meathead Movers, in order to improve your service and instruct your employees.

Virginia S.

Long Distance Residential Move from Fresno to San Francisco

August 12, 2017

Really good genuine people!! My movers Matt and Clark went Beyond the call of duity to make sure I was comfortable and satisfied with my move. We all know that moving can be extremely stressful, but these guys made it fun while working their ass off. Happy customer Virginia Sawa

Kerry S.

Interstate Residential Move from San Francisco to Springfield

July 31, 2017

Staff members were very organized and responsive both on the phone and in person. I thought two people would not be enough for the job, but it was finished in almost no time, very impressive! And nothing was broken, which is especially impressive given that my husband packed porcelain and glass items in the same box as metal tools with NO padding at all (eek).

Meggan S.

Long Distance Residential Move from San Francisco to Los Angeles

July 10, 2017

Emily R.

Long Distance Residential Move from San Francisco to San Luis Obispo

July 4, 2017

Prompt, reliable, hardworking, honest

Elizabeth B.

Long Distance Residential Move from San Francisco to San Luis Obispo

September 7, 2016

The employees at Meathead Movers are always friendly, professional, and worth every penny. We have used their moving services 3 times now and will continue to call Meathead as long as they are able to provide those services to us.

Margot M.

Long Distance Residential Move from Sacramento to San Francisco

August 17, 2016

They were very thorough and well organized. They were polite and clean cut. They were very hard working. They were patient and never seemed to mind when I asked them to move around my bookcases. At the end of the move I asked them to put together a bed that hadn't been whole in years, they not only did, but when it turned out part of it had warped while in storage, they then offered to take it back apart for me and move it to the dump

Lisa T.

Long Distance Residential Move from San Luis Obispo to San Francisco

January 23, 2016

great guys!

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