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Susan Sherman

Interstate Residential Move from Poway to Rio Rancho

September 3, 2017

From the very beginning the communication was great!! The guys from Fernando to my personal "Meatheads" Ivan, Luis, RJ, Corey, Zeke and Ty we've NEVER experienced such an incredible move!! They wrapped EVERYTHING with blankets and wrapping. They took EXTREME care with ALL our belongings! There wasn't a scratch on the walls on either end which I CAN'T say about previous moves! They were kind, caring, courteous yet professional!! When unloading they even brought in chairs for us to sit down and relax while they hustled!!! I actually felt like ROYALTY! They took apart our furniture and beds on pickup and put them back together on drop off!! They asked for a tour on drop off and as I say there EVERYTHING was put into place!!! They didn't forget a thing!! I forgot BUT they didn't!!! I've moved many times but have NEVER experienced this high level of expertise, efficiency, caring, and pure kindness!

Kelly Newman

Local Residential Move from Poway to San Diego

August 28, 2017

Great service. Friendly, hard working movers! I highly recommend MeatHead Movers! :)

Courtney A.

Local Residential Move from San Diego to Poway

April 12, 2017

Smoother care with furniture. We were told to keep belongings in our dresser. They taped and wrapped it yet then flipped it vertical causing everything to shift which included a small jewelry box. All contents spilled out and pieces are now missing.

Cecilia B.

Local Residential Move from Poway to Escondido

June 27, 2016

The packers are extremely well trained, polite, responsive, and diligent. I was very confident in their abilities and relaxed enough to stand by and be available for questions only.

Susie D.

Local Residential Move from San Diego to Poway

October 4, 2015

Julian was great setting everything up, made me feel totally comfortable. The guys that moved me were super professional and truly kind people. I love that you donate your services to victims of domestic violence.

Jason C.

Local Residential Move from Orange to Poway

January 9, 2015

Jeff C.

Long Distance Residential Move from Poway to San Luis Obispo

August 17, 2014

I still have items at the Poway home---that may require me to rent a truck to get them to SLO. That includes wall art---that I had specifically asked to be 'packed'. A lot of wall art was moved--but not all of it was packed. 'Haven't found any problems yet--but I cringed when the pieces were set in the truck unpacked. The movers were great otherwise--I suppose I had different expectations.

Debbie H.

Local Residential Move from Poway to Cardiff

August 6, 2014

Professional. The guys were all really nice...very friendly. I love the concept of student athletes. I have moved A LOT...and this was probably my best move.

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