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Honest Moving Company reviews on Pomona Meathead Movers

24 total customer reviews
Suzanne W.

Local Residential Move in Pomona

June 12, 2017

Very good rating with Better Business Bureau.-very hard working and especially nice movers. People that you feel are trustworthy and careful with your things.

Karen P.

Local Residential Move from Pomona to San Dimas

June 7, 2017

Great service... the young men went right to work took care with all items moved... l would recommend this company to everyone.

Jesselyn V.

No Transport Residential Move from Anaheim to Pomona

May 6, 2017

The guys were so kind and speedy

Allan G.

Local Residential Move from Pomona to Claremont

January 12, 2017

Friendly and accommadating.

Valarie D.

Local Residential Move from Pasadena to Pomona

December 1, 2016

Friendly service

Sarah B.

Local Residential Move from Pomona to Anaheim

July 28, 2016

All of the people I interacted with at Meathead were professional, honest and cared about my move.

Nancy J.

Local Residential Move from Pomona to Upland

April 23, 2016

Polite young men that hustle and do the job professionally

Courtney P.

Local Residential Move from Pomona to Canoga Park

February 14, 2016

Quick easy watched them wrap everything and was very good. Asked lots of questions about where things went and double checked multiple times.

Charles K.

No Transport Residential Move in Pomona

June 30, 2015

Great workers, worked hard, and very pleasant to work with

Rick B.

Local Residential Move from Pomona to Chino

May 14, 2015

If you had actually moved my belongings I would have been happy. I paid your company $2,000 and still had to hire a second company to finish what you didn't do. They started promptly at 7:00 am, on time unlike your company and worked 7 hours to finish the job you had be hired to do. That is how much your company left behind. I called this company the day before as well and for 7 hours paid $700.00 and they actually did give me the VIP chair treatment your company said I should have but wasn't given. They also ran as they worked. The fact that our original order.included 30 boxes and a weight set as well as 4 guys to move but those criteria were not met was a major issue for me. Yes when you showed up we had around 80 boxes and the group leader made me aware of the truck full clause he also said he would be able to move 85 to 90% of the things he saw. When. they were ready to pull off they were leaving the weight set and weights and only took 12 out of the 30 boxes on tbe original order. If you couldn't move what was on the original order why did you commit to the job? Yes, we called the day before but couldn't we have paid to rent a 2 truck since tbe original order you were taking over was for 2 trucks? Clearly the person that did the walk through of the hose knew we needed 2 trucks and when we were sent to you because we called the day before and they couldn't. do the move they said they would transfere the paperwork to you and I went through the moving list with your representative over the phone to verify what we were moving. In the end, you are a moving company and if you do this everyday, you should know , when someone hires a moving company they want ALL of tbeir belongings moved. I never expected I would pay what I paid to not have my move completed. I have had 18 back surgeries and and recovering from the 18th right now. Being left with half a house to still move was not part of the expectation. After speaking with the supervisor and being told your company feels no sense of respnsibility for not moving even half of the original 30 boxes are the weight equipment we had to haggle with you to get on the truck that day I am just very disappointed and have no since of positive feelings about my experience with your company. Not to mention the desk we discovered was damaged and scratch on the wall that I was told would be wipped off but turned out to be a scratch on the wall that didn't wipe off. I had a handyman working that day and he agreed the truck didn't look full and the amount of stuff being left was ridiculous. The moving company the following day was blown away at the amount your company moved and left behind. In the future I would highly recommend Beltran Moving Company and tell everyone Meatheads can not be counted on to complete a job but the will take a huge chunck of money to NOT move you. The young men that did show up for themove after your 4th guy quit were nice and did work hard that day. The leader of the group explained how without the 4th guy that quit it would take longer so in the end cost me more and he appologized. I feel the problem withthe move is based on weaknesses with your company's policies and business practices. I would have appreciated the youg men that moved the desk and broke it to have told me themselves but they did work with diligence that day. I will be reporting this to the Better Business Bureau as I feel strongly I was treated unfairly be your company and I wouldn't want this to happen to others.

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