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Roland K.

Local Residential Move from Playa Del Rey to Pacific Palisades

December 21, 2015

On move day, December 18th, Meathead left items throughout the house and garage because your "trucks were full." No offer to come back that night was made and no resolution was offered that night other than to say "call the company." The items that were moved, in my opinion, were not placed in an organized fashion in my new home. The 18th was a long day and it seemed as though the movers were on a time crunch to get out of there as soon as possible at the expense of a quality job. Meathead did send a crew out 3 days later to complete the job. I am out-of-pocket for expenses, including delay of move, cleaning, Buyer inspection, paying for other movers to move half of the excluded items because I had no assurances that Meathead would be able to resolve in time for my home sale closing - in addition to my time and stress. The secondary move was done without charge - but I still expect further allowances from Meathead. I received a call today from Jeff who stated that I will not be charged (or I will be refunded) for my both moves on the 18th and the 21st. If true, then I have no additional complaints, and am satisfied with the outcome (but I have a feeling that he misspoke). Please call me to confirm and finalize my moving expenses. Thank you. Roland 310-869-6285

Rachelle R.

Local Residential Move in Playa Del Rey

January 1, 2015

for a condo/apartment complex more than 2 "roller carts" should be available, with other moving companies, they had carts that broke down to accommodate for moving boxes and furniture from elevators to unit, due to the hand carrying of furniture and boxes, the load/unload took longer than expected. also furniture should be tied down in the truck, my bar height chair leg broke in half, these are very sturdy chairs made of mahogany , which tells me the chair was not properly secured. Drive distance to/from was only 3 miles (lunch drive). There does not seem to be a solution from damaged items, other than I'm sorry. I Am out of luck as this item is no longer available for purchase, due to the break area, gorilla glue is not working.

Caroline B.

Local Residential Move from Playa Del Rey to Venice

October 6, 2014

Anthony R.

Local Residential Move from Playa Del Rey to Lake Balboa

September 17, 2014

Everything. They way they hustle, move the furniture with care, and just have fun while working.

Suzanne P.

Long Distance Residential Move from Playa Del Rey to Cambria

April 24, 2013

The team that moved my husband and I were excellent. Super friendly, accommodating and professional. Moving is sooo stressful and they made it easy!

Shannon H.

Local Residential Move from Playa Del Rey to El Segundo

February 8, 2011

EXTREMELY professional at every encounter with every employee, from the first phone call, to speaking with our coordinator, to working with the actual movers. Very detailed website is appreciated. Yours was the only company I contacted that could give me a clear estimate of cost without coming to my apartment -- VERY happy to be quoted a "not to exceed" price, no other company would do that. The professionalism throughout the process and the "not to exceed" price sealed the deal for me. Even though we might have paid a little more than the cheapest movers I could find, in the end, we got much more value for what we paid. Well worth it!

Karen T.

Long Distance Residential Move from Playa Del Rey to Templeton

December 10, 2010

What was not to like about your competent, on-time, nice-to-do-business-with services?

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