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Sandy S.

Long Distance Residential Move from Templeton to Bakersfield

November 26, 2021

You billed my personal credit card that I used to set the appointment. My company called in their credit card info to pay for my move. I was told that you would my companies card. I checked and you never billed theirs, but you did bill it all to my personal card. I only realized this almost two weeks later. I called in and I was told it could take another 2 weeks to get this corrected. Meanwhile I’m being charged interest on your charges to my personal card. Not happy about that

Karen A.

No Transport Residential Move in Bakersfield

November 26, 2021

Fast, courteous, friendly.

Gina P.

No Transport Residential Move in Ventura

November 26, 2021

Kevin O.

Local Residential Move from Fresno to Clovis

November 26, 2021

Everything!! From the website that you as easy to navigate & get the info we needed. The customer service agents that we spoke to were helpful when we needed to change our schedule around. The guys that showed up to move us were very friendly, worked fast & organized to get the most done in the time we had!! The lead, Jason, went over everything before they stared to make sure he understood our needs & gave us an adjusted price when applicable. They saved us so much time & made our move so much easier! Thank you

Sheryl C.

Local Residential Move from Aliso Viejo to Anaheim

November 26, 2021

On time. Professional. Courteous. Cared about my 'stuff'. I will definitely be using Meathead Movers again!

Pearl F.

Local Residential Move in Ventura

November 25, 2021

Pleasant staff, easy to work with and affordable.

Jana H.

Local Residential Move from Templeton to Paso Robles

November 25, 2021

Meathead Movers is the best mover I've ever had, and I've moved over 10 times in the past 15 years. They are very responsive from the very first call made to schedule a move, to the very last call confirming your move. The crew moves fast, jogging between loading or unloading, save you time and money. Every person you talk to is very polite, makes excellent suggestions, and follows through with information updates. I highly recommend Meathead Movers, and will never use another moving company again.

Laurel M.

Long Distance Residential Move from Bakersfield to Santa Maria

November 25, 2021

Big disconnect between what i was told and understood during the estimate to what happened during move day. I had to reach out multiple times to get my paperwork correct and sign. Had i been further away from my needed move time, I would have gone with a different company. The workers that showed up to pack and move our things were good and the office was helpful. But definitely need to work on the initial contact service.

Janet H.

Local Residential Move in Long Beach

November 25, 2021

Michele F.

No Transport Residential Move in Woodland Hills

November 25, 2021

Great, hard working conscience workers

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