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Seradon S.

Local Residential Move from Clovis to Fresno

June 11, 2017

Professional, speedy, all all together wonderful

Ben U.

Local Residential Move from OJAI to Los Angeles

June 10, 2017

Your service was fine. The movers were nice, carried impressive amounts at once, and were easy to work with. However, despite their care, they lacked foresight, and so some things were damaged. There were also questions over the parking. I am of the opinion that what your movers have in terms of youth and vitality is negated by their lack of experience. Moreover, such questions as 'Were the movers worthy of a tip', to be filled out in front of the movers, is awkward, even when the answer is in the affirmative. Your service was adequate, but I suspect I could find other, more experienced movers, possibly even at a lower cost.

Anne C.

Local Residential Move from Paso Robles to Templeton

June 10, 2017

They were polite they answered my questions very well. They loaded up my things and put them into storage in a very organized way using the room in storage very well. They were fast and wrapped my things with care.

Eric M.

Local Residential Move in Fresno

June 10, 2017

Great attitudes

Dianne R.

Local Residential Move from Westminster to Huntington Beach

June 10, 2017

Jeryl A.

No Transport Residential Move in Camarillo

June 9, 2017

Packer I was sent did not seem to have much experience packing/did not do job to my satisfaction.

Tony L.

Local Residential Move from placentia to La Habra

June 9, 2017

Exceptional customer service/communication !

Skyler M.

Long Distance Residential Move from Carlsbad to Los Angeles

June 9, 2017

Very punctual, helpful, and professional!

David L.

No Transport Residential Move in Oakhurst

June 9, 2017

Tommy, was my initial contact with Meathead Movers. He was very eager to answer all my questions relative to our move-in in Oakhurst. Tommy was very professional and committed to make our move a fluid transition from one home to the next. Kevin and Issaias were assigned to our move, my first impression was that they too were very professional by covering our wood floors with coverings so that our floor would not get scratched and Kevin placing the Meathead chair in the middle of our living room was priceless as he explained nothing was needed of us rather than directing them to the proper room with the carried furniture. They unloaded a 20' Uhaul trailer in a little over two hours in 88 degree heat. The communication skills Kevin and Issaias shared while moving our big furniture was appreciated as nothing was scratched or damaged in our new home. Thank you Meathead Movers - you are #1 in our book and will call you again!

Jim G.

Local Residential Move from Downtown LA to Pasadena

June 9, 2017

Very efficient

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