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Sandy S.

Local Residential Move from Oceano to Arroyo Grande

May 27, 2021

I think I was over-charged. The estimate should be a not-to-exceed amount, but I should have only been charged for the time it took to actually do my move. I was charged for three hours, which was exactly how long it took - but with the movers taking an hour for lunch. So I paid for their lunch hour. A ripoff. Though they did a good job, it ended up costing me $700 for two hours work. That's $350.00 per hour. I could have rented a truck and hired two guys for half what I paid. That's what I'll do in the future. I gave a good rating at the time, but in retrospect, and looking at the amount I was charged, I regret using Meathead Movers.

Michael B.

No Transport Residential Move in Oceano

May 23, 2021

Steph W.

Local Residential Move from Arroyo Grande to Oceano

May 8, 2021

David in the SLO office went out of his way to schedule the move quickly when he heard that I was trying to clear out my mom's space after she passed at a retirement community. Unbeknownst to me he got a Fresno crew to come over a week before he had availability in the SLO crew. That was above and beyond. I am so grateful.

Heather A.

No Transport Residential Move in Oceano

March 28, 2021

The guys did an awesome job at packing my things for the stressful move

Sandy S.

No Transport Residential Move in Oceano

March 18, 2021

Kelly (?) was very precise in asking about my move and giving me an exact quote. The movers called exactly :30 minutes before my scheduled move time, and accommodated my request to push it back :15 minutes. Though quite young (to an oldtimer like me!), they were both very professional, and executed moving my items exactly as/where requested. They appeared cheerful, exacting, and kind while handling my property. This was so much better then my experience with another moving company I had called previously and had actually scheduled my move with. I cancelled that company's appointment. I'm so glad I did! You may show my name as "Sandy S., Oceano, CA"

Debbie W.

No Transport Residential Move in Oceano

March 15, 2021

Our movers were fast, friendly, efficient, and courteous! I used them 10 years ago and again last week. They have maintained their high quality standards over the years!

Scott H.

Local Residential Move from Oceano to Nipomo

February 7, 2021

The estimated number of worker and truck was way off. The price was high.

Justin C.

Local Residential Move from Oceano to Grover Beach

September 22, 2020

The guys were incredibly careful, polite, clean cut and Through. I highly recommend meathead movers!

Lisa F.

Local Residential Move from Grover Beach to Oceano

May 14, 2020

Beberly D.

Local Residential Move from San Luis Obispo to Oceano

May 13, 2020

This was a second time I have help from meathead movers. The first time was two months ago. You can tell it’s unusual. We are survivors of domestic violence and needed to move 5 times (including this last move). So our situation hasn’t been typical, yet the first experience with you was so different right from the beginning. The scheduler was very kind, the moving coordinator was willing to help and during the move the mentor was awesome. He noticed we were in a difficult time and was very supportive. At the end he gave the report card along with an envelope. He was very nice and polite. This second time the moving coordinator couldn’t understand why we don’t have box springs, bed platforms or something else beyond bare mattresses. Also that we weren’t having all the furniture a typical home has. The mentor this time was a bit distant. I wonder if everything is alright, as I’m aware the strange times have taken a toll on all of us. The mover, Grayson, was very kind to my sons and willing to help overall. If it would be for the first experience and Grayson, I’ll recommend you 100%. Your help has been invaluable to us. I’m sharing with the best of intentions as I wish you the very best. Thank you so much.

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