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John P.

Local Residential Move from Murrieta to Menifee

November 17, 2018

We have used movers on three of our movers and Meathead Movers were outstanding :-) The mentor mover was the best he out ran the other 2 men that helped use move, yes I said ran because they didn't walk to eat up time like other moving company do to get more money Meathead Movers run from truck to house, they were awesome.. I would highly recommend Meathead Movers to ALL my Friends and Family.. Thank You Meathead Movers

Robert B.

Local Residential Move from Oceanside to Murrieta

August 19, 2018

The crew that was sent to us were extremely professional and hard working.

Karmen J.

Local Residential Move from Riverside to Murrieta

July 12, 2018

Katie L.

Local Residential Move from Canyon Lake to Murrieta

June 20, 2018

The movers, while very professional and polite, did not hussle as much as I expected. They took over 10 hours to move my house which did not have a ton of stuff, which caused me to have to pay twice as much! I had myself and 4 other people taking car trips filled with smaller stuff and it still took that long. Nick did spend majority of the time disassembling and re-assembling a complicated bed but in that time, the other two guys did not appear very productive and seemed to be waiting more on nicks direction. My husband had to stay at the house until after midnight bc they forgot a lot of stuff. Had they hussled more on the smaller items and wrapping furniture, I believe they could have gotten done a lot sooner. We also reduced a lot of what was originally quoted by taking things to storage and goodwill. I honestly feel disappointed by the service and over charged.

Judy Calegari

Local Residential Move from Vista to Murrieta

January 30, 2018

Responsive, communicative, professional and enthusiastic. Wonderful experience.

Torrey Webb

Long Distance Residential Move from Murrieta to Clovis

December 17, 2017

Dan Koehler

Local Residential Move from Escondido to Murrieta

September 22, 2017

Susan K.

Local Residential Move from Valley Center to Murrieta

August 14, 2017

Very professional, pleasant young men! They worked very hard and were very careful with our household items as well as making sure our pets did not get out. I would recommend the company to anyone who is moving.

Rodney L.

Local Residential Move from Temple City to Murrieta

July 28, 2017

Jeff K.

Local Residential Move from Temecula to Murrieta

July 19, 2017

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