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Mike M.

Local Commercial Move from Los Angeles to Marina Del Rey

January 2, 2020

Daniel S.

Local Residential Move from Marina Del Rey to Long Beach

December 2, 2019

Great service, team was excellent, 100 stars

Naji A.

Local Residential Move from Simi Valley to Marina Del Rey

October 28, 2019

Andrew H.

Local Residential Move in Marina Del Rey

June 15, 2019

Kittie R.

Local Residential Move from Northridge to Marina Del Rey

April 22, 2019

None of my furniture was wrapped, except for what I wrapped myself. They did not assist in taking apart the bed or re-assembling it at the new house. They broke several of my items including plastic storage bins, every single glass item that I owned (that I had packed carefully still arrived broken), almost all of my makeup palettes (mostly limited edition and not able to be replaced) were totally shattered and destroyed. All of my (white) furniture since it was not wrapped has black scuff marks and scratches from being loaded in the moving truck and moved without protection. The only piece of furniture that was not ruined is my bed that I took apart and wrapped carefully. The movers didn't wrap or protect ANYTHING! They also didn't move everything, because they kept complaining about time. So I had to spend the rest of the weekend making several trips in my 2 door sports car to move the rest of the items. When they brought boxes into the new place they just kept piling them, not even asking where they should go (even though they were all clearly labeled with color coded stickers that had the room name), so I had to stay upstairs and move the boxes after the movers brought them in and move everything myself to keep it organized. If my husband hadn't helped them load and unload the truck the movers probably would have taken another 4 hours to finish up. I am speaking with my attorney to go over our arbitration options regarding all the broken and destroyed glass, makeup and furniture. I have never had such a horrible moving experience and I will not use this company again, or recommend them to anyone. I am livid!

Jace H.

Local Residential Move from Sherman Oaks to Marina Del Rey

January 12, 2019

Jesse C.

No Transport Residential Move in Marina Del Rey

December 18, 2018

I've used Meathead before and every time the movers were great. Thank you again.

Charlie L.

Local Residential Move from Los Angeles to Marina Del Rey

August 3, 2018

I was billed the maximum amount with no call or warning after the crew manager admitted to and noted that they had damaged walls in the move, and he assured me that the billing dept. would contact me and they would discount the total to compensate for the damage. He said that he took pictures and provided them to his manager. Again, he couldn't be more apologetic about the damage and assured me MULTIPLE TIMES that management would discount the total amount. I paid $620 in tips to the crew because they did a great job, but billing/management fell on it's face in regard to billing and follow up. Damage happens in a move, I understand that, I don't blame the crew, but it is an extremely poor reflection of the management of your company by not following up before billing me. Why I would not recommend Meathead to anyone? Because your crew does a great job and is forthright about damage, but billing/management does zero follow up other than this survey? That's not how I manage my companies and I don't do business with companies that have poor management. This is a temporary move for us while we are building a house, I will not be calling Meathead when I move again in year when my new house is completed. Don't bother calling me to apologize and patronize me. I do not want to talk to some low level manager, the only thing that I want to hear from you is that you are refunding a fair amount for the damage that was done, your crew leader has the pictures, you guys can figure it out without talking to me. Management screwed up and I will be following up with a letter to executive management. Charles Larsen 310.916.8488 [email protected]

Ondrea F.

Local Residential Move from Marina Del Rey to Los Angeles

July 31, 2018

Very professional and efficient. The team was quick and respectful of our property.

Jim Steffenson

No Transport Residential Move in Marina Del Rey

September 15, 2017

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