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Manhattan Beach

Honest Moving Company reviews on Manhattan Beach Meathead Movers

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Marna Chacon

No Transport Residential Move in Manhattan Beach

December 29, 2017

what a mess! never again!

Aliyah Levin

No Transport Residential Move from Manhattan Beach to Rodondo Beach

December 22, 2017

I called management after the movers left to express the issues. The basic issues were: The movers had an 10:00 am arrival time. The movers asked to see everything that was to be moved, They started close to 10:20 to actually move anything. They moved several large objects (bookeshelves and a workbench) but no boxes. They didn’t even move the shelves with the bookshelves, They said the truck was at capacity but nothing was stacked on anything, The contents were one level high. I arranged for a street side storage unit for ease of moving. They were able to unload in less than 10 minutes which was faster than I was able to fill out the storage paperwork. They stayed around 1/2 hour more saying their boss was busy and they were waiting to process the payment. They misstated the actual time worked on the checkout sheet. I was required to secure a four hour minimum. They barely worked over an hour. To make things right I am requesting a 50% refund. Thanks.

Patti P.

No Transport Residential Move in Manhattan Beach

August 18, 2017

Tina S.

Local Residential Move from Manhattan Beach to El Segundo

February 18, 2017

Easy to schedule, fast, professional.

Patti P.

Local Residential Move from Hermosa Beach to Manhattan Beach

November 15, 2016


Kendall H.

Local Residential Move in Manhattan Beach

August 4, 2016

Great employees and excellent service. Even when moves become difficult, they go the extra yard to make sure it's done right at a reasonable price. I highly recommend them.

Kendall H.

No Transport Residential Move in Manhattan Beach

August 4, 2016

Excellent service from our packers, Ariana O. and Shelsea C., and a very successful move from Deionte H., Artemio O., Justin H., Jordan R., and Jake S. I highly recommend all the team and the Meathead customer service team in general.

Jeri M.

No Transport Residential Move in Manhattan Beach

June 27, 2016

Very nice sweet, personable young people. I love knowing something about people. It was great fun to learn things about each of the these young people.

Melissa W.

Local Commercial Move from Manhattan Beach to Hawthorne

April 25, 2016

the guys were great!

Joana G.

Local Commercial Move in Manhattan Beach

March 23, 2016

Professional, thoughtful, courteous & gentlemanly movers who did an excellent job!

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