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Los Banos

Honest Moving Company reviews on Los Banos Meathead Movers

18 total customer reviews
Elise N.

Local Residential Move from Los Banos to Fresno

September 9, 2018

Nice gentlemen...all of them. It was a grand experience. So happy I could help college kids...meant a lot to me!

Gregory M.

Local Residential Move from Los Banos to Fresno

June 23, 2018

You make moving easy!

Gregory M.

No Transport Residential Move in Los Banos

June 22, 2018

on time very professional polite helpfull no BS.

Jeffrey Carter

Local Commercial Move in Los Banos

October 23, 2017

Very professional and friendly, arrived on time and loading and unloading of boxes was done in a very timely manner. We will definitely recommend this company to others!

Pat Thiercof

Long Distance Residential Move from Los Banos to Los osos

October 4, 2017

Patti R.

Long Distance Residential Move from Los Banos to Pasadena

July 7, 2017

The movers were very helpful and professional -worked hard and efficiently. However, we ordered 2 trucks to load in Los Banos as early as possible in the morning ... one arrived @ 10:30 am with 4 young men to load. The second truck didn't arrive till late in the afternoon. I specifically asked for the trucks 'the earliest possible' because we (husband and I) still had to drive to Pasadena following the trucks being loaded (4.5 hours). When we were able to leave (an hour or so after they left) we drove just 1 hour and had to spend the night in a hotel because we were too tired to continue on. The next day in Pasadena: the 2 young men who drove the trucks to Pasadena arrived around 11:30 a.m. and unloaded the trucks. Since there were only 2 of them it took all day and they left around 6 pm. We were very surprised that there weren't more movers involved and that it took an entire day. My husband even pitched in to unload some things by the end of the day just to get it done. The workers were all excellent but the timing and number of them was not managed well.

Adam R.

Local Residential Move in Los Banos

July 2, 2017

Sheila H.

Local Residential Move from San Jose to Los Banos

June 29, 2017

Patti R.

No Transport Residential Move in Los Banos

June 2, 2017

Very efficient, friendly and courteous - knew what they were doing and packed our UHaul truck very well ... everything arrived intact and organized.

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