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Dominik B.

Local Residential Move from Santa Maria to Lompoc

June 28, 2019

Too expensive to not pack everything.

Diane S.

Local Residential Move from Orcutt to Lompoc

June 24, 2019

Prompt, courteous and reasonably priced.

Fran B.

No Transport Residential Move in Lompoc

May 22, 2019

Prompt, professional, courteous, gets the job done!!!! Just used your services the second time in six weeks and will continue to use whenever the need arises. Thanks guys--you do a really great job.

Steve C.

Local Residential Move in Lompoc

May 18, 2019

Reasonably priced. Fun, professional students.

Diane S.

Local Residential Move from Nipomo to Lompoc

May 11, 2019

Sean D.

Local Residential Move from Camarillo to Lompoc

April 3, 2019

The guys all worked very hard but I had a huge amount of boxes and crates on the side of my home neatly stacked and they way the stuff was put back in my garage was not ok. They basically just dumped it down in my garage, I kept saying I want to be able to put my car in the garage and they kept creeping in and in until there was almost no space. I had it stacked along a wall very neatly and it was just dumped into the garage!! I hired you and spent $4k on your service because I’m hurt and my wife is hurt. So I pay $4k to have to spend my entire day today organizing my garage. It should have been put back in a orderly fashion and carefully organized. I gave them a good report card because they were obviously not trained correctly and they are young kids trying to make a buck but it’s realky unexpectable. I for sure won’t be recommending you. $3900 is a lot of money! I could of rented a truck and hired some guys on Craigslist and they would have done the same job for 1/2 the cost and I wouldn’t have had to spend my day cleaning up your mess. I’m extremely disappointed to say the least and now hurting from having to do it myself. Is fast more important than neat and organized? I feel like I was robbed. My military friends move constantly and I won’t be telling them to call you. And again it’s not the kids fault , it’s your fault for training them this way. Also I asked that it be loaded room by room so it would be easier on my 6 animals and was told no. I was also told once they were already at the house in the morning that there was a long list of items that couldn’t be loaded!!! It would be nice to know about that before hand. I now get to drive 125 miles back to my house to pick up gas cans, co2 tanks, cleaning supplies and even other liquids! WHY WOULDNT YOU TELL PEOPLE THERE IS A HUGE LIST OF ITEMS YOU WONT TAKE? ??? I had to remove over 30 light bulbs from several huge shop lights. I’m just flabbergasted !!!

Debi C.

Local Residential Move from Lompoc to Carpinteria

March 11, 2019

Alex, Keith & Cole were FANTASTIC! I truly enjoyed their delightful personalities and the exceptionally professional way in which they got my job done --- VERY QUICKLY. Thanks for offering such a great service.

Marie M.

Local Residential Move from Lompoc to Oxnard

February 20, 2019

Always professional, efficient, careful and polite crew.

Michael Y.

Local Residential Move from Lompoc to Santa Maria

February 12, 2019

Janet K.

No Transport Residential Move in Lompoc

February 5, 2019

Everything! Strong fast moving & organized movers.

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